The Best Way to Buy Weed Strains from A Legit Dispensary

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The Best Way to Buy Weed Strains from A Legit Dispensary

Buying marijuana over the Internet has been a tactic by many recreational drug users since the dawn of the Internet age. However, there are some roadblocks and illegalities involved in this practice, and can even stifle the so-called convenience of the online shopping experience you were meant to enjoy. Before you start filling your cart with all kinds of marijuana goodies, make sure you’re doing it in the safest way possible.

Online shopping is convenient, quick, and for some people, exhilarating. When it comes to buying weed, though, you should be both smart and strategic. Avoid buying it online. That’s why people use all the tools that were built to keep users and consumers anonymous when they want to buy something online that may be embarrassing, or not entirely socially acceptable to everyone. But then, usually, that’s what we come to the Internet world for, anyway.

The Internet is a gift to the public and the culture when it comes to the consumption of knowledge, entertainment, and products we get to instantly access, but the side effect of our constant scrolling and searching is that we leave a significant online footprint behind us. When we’re buying something as seemingly sketchy as weed online, then most people want to cover up that footprint as securely as you can.

Here’s how they do it.

Private Window

This is one of the simplest tricks to keeping your searches private from Google, and thus, from any overarching authorities. Many users already use this trick to their advantage. Via Google, opening and browsing in a private window is as easy as opening a new tab. This is good for anyone who wants to search privately, as well as anyone looking to buy weed online.


Luckily, there are plenty of ways to cover your tracks, so the government isn’t all up in your business. The first tool you could invest in would be a VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It’s a paid service that pays for itself in the ease of security and privacy. VPN can’t only protect you if you plan on buying weed online, but can also be a valuable tool should you plan to work abroad or expand your knowledge of online protections.


Bitcoin is the quintessential currency for those who are either investing at absolutely the right time in the stock market or who are curious to use a form of money that can’t be traced easily.

If you’re thinking of buying weed online instead of at the dispensary, or if you want to keep your buying habits on the DL, then Bitcoin just might be worth investigating.

Take Your Time and Buy from a Legal Dispensary!

Educate yourself on what you want, and then find your favorite Kush Dispensary.

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