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Author: Maggie Hammond

The Complete Herbal Guide / Articles posted by Maggie Hammond

What Is a Healthy Physique and How Do You Get One?

Achieving a healthy physique requires living a healthy life. This is beneficial for long-term health, and thus the following rules are incredibly important to live by. The most well-known method of living a healthy life is with diet. To clarify, this does not mean starvation. Diet refers to eating nutritious meals as opposed to pizza and popcorn for lunch. The second method of doing so is via exercise. There are certain exercise routines that can help tone your body and gain muscle. Yet another way of achieving a healthy body is with certain treatments. This does not mean surgery, by any means. Rather, there are creams and ointments you can purchase to achieve energized and glowing skin. There is even a non-surgical method of reducing...

12 Ways To Keep Your Muscular System Healthy

Having a healthy body is one of the most important things in life, as you need it to help you live a long and comfortable life that doesn’t encounter many problems. This means that taking care of your bones and muscular system is integral to maintaining your overall health, as they make up your skeleton and cover every inch of your body. When most people start to age, this is when problems can occur, but you can set up your bones and muscles in the future by following some key tips for boosting their strength every day. Luckily, these tips are easy to incorporate into your daily routine, and you will be seeing a change within yourself in no time. Do targeted exercisesExercise is needed to...

healthy food

4 Benefits Of Healthy Habits

Living healthy is a matter of self-discipline; it involves exercising on a regular basis, eating well, and avoiding harmful practices. All of these healthy habits have a lot of benefits for the mental, physical and emotional health of the individual. A healthy lifestyle revolutionizes the way people live and makes them see things from a different perspective. Those who practice healthy living habits live a longer and happier life. Nothing can stop you when you feel good, not even the worst challenges that life has in store for you.Unfortunately, healthy habits can be hard to develop, and they require a slight change of the mindset. However, by making sacrifices for better health, one can experience the best results, regardless of their age, gender or physical...

hearing loss

What’s Hearing Loss in Children

15% of adults in America suffer from some form of hearing impairment. That's around 37.5 million people. Of every 1,000 babies born in America, 2 or 3 will be hearing impaired. And around the world, there are 34 million children with hearing impairment. So it's fairly likely that your child could suffer some form of hearing impairment. Sometimes they are born with it. But other times hearing impairment develops in childhood. To keep an eye on this you need to know the answer to the question 'what is hearing impairment?' and how to manage it. Well, you're in the right place. Read on to find out all the hearing loss facts you need to know. What Is Hearing Impairment?  Hearing impairment occurs when part of the ear isn't working properly. This leads to...

pregnancy yoga

How to Prepare for Your Baby’s Birth

No idea how to prepare for your baby’s birth? It is perfectly normal to be apprehensive about the birth of your child, especially if it is your first time or you do not know what to expect. However, there are some simple remedies which can ensure that you and your baby stay happy and healthy during the birth, and which can ensure that you are kept busy while waiting. Things that Can Help You…Vitamins Vitamins can be important during pregnancy to top your body up with the minerals that you need to stay healthy while waiting for the birth. Many pregnant mothers do not have enough iron in their bodies, which can lead to anemia in mothers and premature birth, and so you should take iron supplements...


Four Alternative Remedies and How They Can Help You

Across human history, medicine has taken a meandering route towards the pharmaceutical remedies that we are supplied today. From shamanism through to herbal remedies, dietary alterations and homeopathy, many of the remedies considered outdated by modern science have played their part in our history of combatting a range of illnesses and disorders. This article focuses on four of the most commonly-used alternative remedies.  This article discusses how they can help you in instances, other medicines are failing. While alternative remedies are just that - alternatives to pharmaceuticals - they nonetheless have a large following thanks to their enduring medicinal value.In this article, you'll learn and discover four alternative remedies and how they can help you.Essential Oils  Valued for their wide-ranging application and soothing scent, essential oils...

old couple

A Guide to Living Healthily at an Old Age

Life expectancy may have gotten longer in general, but that doesn’t automatically mean that you are going to live healthily when you reach old age. To be able to remain fit and well deep into your twilight years, you’re still going to have to dedicate your time and efforts to live a wholesome lifestyle.The restrictions of old age can make this a tough task — it’s certainly more difficult remaining healthy when you’re older as opposed to when you’re younger. It’s not impossible, though. It may take a bit more work and a fair few lifestyle tweaks, but there are ways to remain well as an older adult. Here’s what you need to consider doing to ensure that you remain as healthy as possible, for...

Weight Loss Tips Worth Learning More About

The reality is that losing weight isn’t easy for everyone and takes a lot of extra effort and dedication. There are a few weight loss tips in particular that are worth learning more about and will help you on your journey to getting fit.Avoid worrying too much about what mistakes you’ve made in the past and focus on what you can be doing now to improve your ways. Set realistic goals and know what it is you’re after before you begin so you can stay focused even when life gets busy. Monitor your progress and continue to keep going strong even when you face roadblocks or setbacks.Make Time for Weightlifting One weight loss tip worth learning more about is that you should consider making more...


Looking After the Health of Senior Relatives

With so many people reaching their senior years now, most people have at least one elderly relative or friend in their lives. With old age comes the inevitable decline in health, although the effects of aging vary dramatically from one person to another. If you have older parents, or maybe grandparents that you care about, you’ll want them to live as long and healthy a life as possible, which they’ll manage far better with support from you. Getting seniors to talk about their health It’s not always easy to help seniors with their health care needs because many of them don’t like discussing personal issues or admitting there’s anything wrong. You may know some older folk who are only too happy to discuss their various ailments at...


The Best Natural Remedies for Winter

With winter now rapidly approaching, it is more important than ever to make sure you're eating and drinking the right things. This is the time of year when many colds, flu, and other viruses become more prevalent, so the more you can do to prevent catching a nasty cold the better it will be for you. There are many natural ways to try and stay healthy and boost your immune system. Here are some of the top natural remedies to help you fight off the winter viruses. Buying Your Natural Remedies If this is the first time you want you to try a natural remedy, then you might be a little unsure as to how to prepare them. In fact, there are many websites that have handy...