Signs of Infertility and Possible Reasons

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Signs of Infertility and Possible Reasons

In this article, you’ll learn and discover the signs of infertility and possible reasons for them.


Big or small, family trains us on how we end up integrating ourselves into society. We grow from childhood into adulthood, and at some point, life hands us the mantle to succeed in our parents. When you want to start a family, it may not go as you planned.

Trying to have a child may seem like a normal thing to the average person. According to the US department of health and human services around 12% of the American population face challenges when trying to have a child. Capital Women’s Care Division 67 understands that 12% of the population wants a family, and it could be any of us. If you belong to this group, there is a chance to make it work. Infertility is an occurrence where you are unable to conceive even after conscious efforts to get pregnant, and no, it’s not your fault. You can get help and offer the gift of life.

How to Know You have Fertility Problems

You have regular unprotected sexual intercourse, and no sign of pregnancy exists. This is the first sign that something may be amiss. The second step should include monitoring your menstrual cycle to determine how regularly it appears. If the sequence is too short such as less than 21 days or two long such as more than 35 days, then you need to follow up with a doctor. Another symptom of infertility is the absence of menstruation. Irrespective of your age, if you have tried to get pregnant and was unsuccessful, visit a doctor for a consultation.

Importance of Ovulation

Ovulation needs to occur for you to get pregnant. The ovulation process releases an egg that becomes fertilized for conception to occur. If you sense that ovulation may have a problem, speak to a doctor. Doctors have the necessary expertise and equipment to evaluate your menstrual cycle and confirm any abnormalities. You can then undergo possible treatment and medication to reverse the defect.

Sperm Health of Your Partner

Pregnancy requires both male and female fertility. You may be ovulating, but is the health of your partner’s sperm okay? The sperm count of your partner or the general health of his sperm needs to match the ovulation. Your doctor can evaluate the health of your mate and advise you on the way forward. Therefore, understand that your fertility in your relationship takes the two of you.

The Frequency and timing of Sexual Intercourse

It is not enough to have sexual intercourse regularly. You need to have regular sexual intercourse during the fertile period. The monthly cycle runs for 28 days, and there are specific times when your fertility runs at its peak. This is the time to have regular intercourse for the highest opportunity of getting pregnant. If you wish to understand your cycle better, visit a doctor to help with tracing the best time for regular sexual intercourse.

How Healthy are your Fallopian Tubes and Uterus?

The process of fertilization when the egg and the uterus meet occurs at the Fallopian tubes. If the Fallopian tubes prevent the egg and sperm from meeting, fertilization does not happen, and getting pregnant becomes difficult. After the egg and sperm meet, the baby needs a place to grow. The uterus serves as the place where the embryo develops to a baby ready for birth after approximately nine months. Most deliveries occur between 2 weeks before or after the nine months. If you have any difficulty getting pregnant, doctors may advise you on how to make it work.


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