Easy Steps To Lose Belly Fat After Delivering A Baby

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Easy Steps To Lose Belly Fat After Delivering A Baby

Being a mom is a magical experience. And delivering a healthy baby is a lifetime event you can’t explain in a few words. Apart from that, it’s also true that women gain weight during and after pregnancy. That is necessary to nurture and deliver a healthy baby, after all. 

However, some moms out there might want to reduce some of their belly fat. Not to be perfect, but just to be in the shape they want so they can fulfill their motherhood and individual duties with ease. 

If you’re one of those mothers, this blog post is meant for you. It will give you a workable and not too burdening guide to reduce the extra fat. You can use these tips at your pace as a new mother. There is no hurry or hard rule attached to these tips. 

Easy steps to lose belly fat after delivering your baby

Regularly breastfeed your baby

For at least 6-8 months, as highly recommended by general gynae worldwide, you must continue to breastfeed. Doing so daily helps you reduce at least 400-500 calories. Plus, when you eat the right nutritional food, your baby can become healthy too with breastfeeding. 

So, it’s like performing motherhood duties and staying fit simultaneously. 

Avoid eating high-carbs

A new mother usually needs 1800-2000 calories intake per day. That is because her baby (ies) depends on breastfeeding for their nutritional diet. So, try to avoid eating high-carbs. Instead, eat smaller meals frequently for the right mix of protein and good carbs. 

This way, you can manage your belly fat if you don’t want to reduce it drastically right now.

Move around when you can

Exercising daily can be difficult for new moms. But gradually you can make your body habitual of moving around. So, move around or walk-in/out of the house whenever you get time. Go for evening or early morning strolls when you know the baby will be asleep. 

This way, you will slowly get into the habit of exercising. Plus, your backache will start reducing too if it earlier started during pregnancy and weight gain. 

Wear sexy and comfortable athleisure

When you plan to exercise, you need to wear the right outfit. You can’t simply wear a nightgown and start exercising. Instead, wear a sexy sports bra along with athleisure pants, shoes, and shocks. 

Make yourself feel confident, comfortable, and sexy with such clothes. It will send your brain signals to work hard and get the desired shape in a defined timeframe. 

Plus, a sexy gym outfit never disappoints you to click sweet, spicy, and sexy selfies to boost your self-confidence. 

Drink Ajwain water:

Ajwain water helps reduce belly fat and keeps you hydrated after a few weeks of your pregnancy. Plus, make sure the water is slightly lukewarm. This way, your body can reduce and push out the toxins from the belly fat. 

Ajwain in the water can help you get rid of bloating and inflammation in your belly. Drink it on an empty stomach for the best results every morning. 

Include V-Ups in your exercises

One of the top scorer exercises to cut down some desired belly fat is this one. It is a mix of leg raises and crunches. The V-Up shape and stance of your body help tone legs, thighs, and belly.

Try planking on a yoga mat

Plank is generally the favorite exercise of all new mothers. When planking, you just have to be lying horizontally but parallelly against the floor with the force of your forearms and elbows. 

Initially, you can begin planking for 10-30 seconds. It will stretch belly muscles and force them to tone when you plank regularly with 3-4 reps of 30 seconds each in the beginning. 

Gradually move up to 1-2 minutes of each rep. And do at least 3 reps per day. Plus, there are more plank variations available for new mothers online. 

So, please note that you don’t need to burden yourself first. Take planking very slowly because it directly stretches your belly muscles to tone them further. Do planking when you have an empty stomach, of course. 


Reducing belly fat or not is your choice as an individual. Each mother is beautiful with her unique body. 

However, if any mother out there wants to reduce some fat to get back into the shape they love, that’s easy. They just have to follow the belly fat-reducing steps in this blog post.  


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