Up-To-Date Infertility Treatment with TESA and TESE IVF Methods

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Up-To-Date Infertility Treatment with TESA and TESE IVF Methods

Today, the treatment of infertility is of immediate interest for more than 50-80 million couples in the world. This amount increases by another 2 million annually. And these are only those people who turned to official medicine with their problem.

In fact, there are many more infertility sufferers: some compensate for their desire to have children with the activity in other areas of life, others resort to adoption, but there are also those who simply put up with their suffering. Meanwhile, reproductive clinics have been solving this problem more and more efficiently year by year, giving the happiness of motherhood and fatherhood to tens of thousands of couples.

TESA for Sparing Infertility Treatment in Men

Thanks to TESA IVF is now available to many men suffering from the lack of sperm in their semen. The procedure is performed with a thin needle under intravenous anesthesia and takes a quarter of an hour, while the patient can go home in an hour after the procedure. The TESA IVF treatment can involve up to 5-6 procedures since it doesn’t require any surgery. With that, the TESA IVF success rate is rather high since the sperm cells are purposefully selected based on their morphology, motility, and maturity.

TESE for the Effective Treatment of Non-Obstructive Azoospermia

IVF with TESE is also a common practice, though this method of sperm extraction usually requires general anesthesia. In such cases, a testicular biopsy is done, and sperm is derived from the tissue for further examination. The main advantage of the IVF TESE procedure is a greater amount of sperm obtained, some of which can be used for morphological studies, while the other part can be sent for storage and subsequently used to fertilize an egg. Thanks to the larger amount of sperm retrieved and the possibility of cryopreservation, IVF with TESE success rates can be even higher than those of TESA.

MESA and PESE Methods for Obstructive Azoospermia

PESA and MESA methods are similar to the above-mentioned procedures but imply the extraction of sperm from the epididymis rather than from testis. The first one is performed with a needle under local anesthesia, and the second is microsurgery under general anesthesia. Although MESA is more traumatizing, it allows obtaining a higher amount of sperm.

If the above methods don’t make it possible to obtain the necessary sperm, which can be used in artificial insemination programs, then doctors recommend using donor sperm.


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