The Pros and Cons of CLA Safflower Oil

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CLA Safflower Oil

The Pros and Cons of CLA Safflower Oil

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Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) safflower oil is a weight loss supplement. CLA is made up of a fatty acid that helps to reduce body fat without affecting lean muscle mass. It has been useful in reducing body fat, and this has come with greater improvement among people who combine the supplement with exercise. Since it’s a potent antioxidant, CLA can offer immune system support, but to enjoy the best out of its properties, you need to also take a healthy diet. Just like many supplements out there, CLA safflower oil has its benefits and downsides.

Here is a comparison showing both sides.

Pros of CLA Safflower Oil

Protects Heart Health

Safflower oil contains a high amount of omega-6 fatty acids, a type of acid that is highly beneficial to the body. This acid is also referred to as linoleic acid and it helps to maintain a healthy balance of amounts of cholesterol in the body. The process helps to decrease the chances of getting atherosclerosis and conditions like stroke and heart attack.

Prevent Diabetes

Using safflower oil has also shown to help in managing blood sugar levels, which helps people with diabetes to keep their blood sugar even. It could also prevent one from developing diabetes.  According to, diabetic’s blood glucose levels became significantly lower.  They decreased to almost five-fold in patients who were using CLA, compared to patients taking the safflower oil. 

Weight Loss

CLA Safflower Oil is a perfect choice for those who are working to lose weight. It contains omega-6 fatty acid that accelerates the fat-burning process. This makes it valuable because it could be used on people battling obesity and want to lose weight without having to go for any changes in their diet.

Relieves PMS Symptoms

You could also deal with the terrible pain that occurs during menstruation by consuming CLA Safflower Oil. The acid in the oil helps to regulate prostaglandins that cause hormonal fluctuations and painful symptoms during menstruation. It can decrease the severity of pain and could help to regulate menstrual cycles. It works like hormonal supplements but with no dangerous effects.

Cons of CLA Safflower Oil

CLA Safflower Oil

Side Effects

Using CLA supplements could lead to upset stomach, diarrhea, nausea, and fatigue. That’s one of the reasons some people talk about the CLA safflower oil scams because they don’t understand the possible side effects it could have on them.


Taking CLA safflower oil could worsen insulin resistance or the way the body absorbs sugar. Due to a lack of data about its safety, many doctors don’t recommend it to patients. However, no serious cases about its controlled use have been reported, and it has proved a suitable solution for those looking to manage weight.


If you are using medications, consult your doctor before you get onto using CLA Safflower Oil. The oil interacts with drugs for mental disorders and blood thinners.

CLA Safflower Oil has become a popular supplement for people looking to lose weight. Beyond helping in weight management, it has shown to offer other benefits that include protection of heart health, prevention of diabetes, and relief from PMS symptoms. Before you start using it, also take some time to understand its side effects and to understand whether your body is able to withstand the oil.

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