What is a Crystal Healing? 7 Things You Need To Know

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What is a Crystal Healing? 7 Things You Need To Know

Crystal healing has an ancient and respected history in the world of holistic healing and medicine. However, in mainstream modern medical circles, information about crystal healing can be harder to come by.

If you are wondering what a crystal healing is, how it works and how it can help you or someone you love, this is definitely the article you need to read. We will cover the seven key facts you need to know about crystal healing, as well as some fundamentals about crystals themselves.

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What Are Crystals?

But first things first – it is important to define what we mean by the word “crystals.” At its most fundamental, a crystal is any material with a specific formation of atoms or molecules. Of course, this is a definition that is unlikely to excite anyone but the scientists who came up with that definition.

But crystals themselves are very exciting in all kinds of ways and for all kinds of reasons. And in fact, crystals are used in all kinds of ways in the modern world that surrounds us. Quartz crystals are used in both solid and liquid form in the watch on your wrist, the smart device in your back pocket and even in the sandpaper you use to prepare your house for a fresh coat of paint.

Crystals are all around us, and abundantly so. They are naturally-occurring formations that humans have delighted in for centuries, classifying them as semi-precious or precious stones, metals, minerals, and even liquid matter. Crystals occur in all colors, shapes, and sizes and each one has its own potent healing properties that our Evolve Healing Courses can help you learn more about.

What Is a Crystal Healing?

If you are a science and history buff, you may already know what the likes of Copernicus, Einstein, and others have long theorized – the entire universe is made up of pure energy.

In other words, while you may open your eyes and see a variety of different-appearing objects – here is a chair; there is a table; over there is a crystal – underneath it all, the energy that brings each of these objects into existence is one and the same, singular. So a crystal healing, at its most fundamental, simply harnesses the power of this universal energy with a little help from specific crystals that interact with energy in beneficial ways.

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7 Key Facts You Need to Know About Crystal Healing

If you have never received a crystal healing before now, these seven key facts can help you have the best possible experience. And if you are interested in learning how to facilitate crystal healing sessions, these facts will definitely give you a knowledge base to build from!

Each crystal has different healing properties.

Studying the healing properties of different crystals is a discipline all unto itself – and a fascinating one at that. For example, rose quartz is often associated with healing the heart, whether from physical ailments or emotional heartache. Lapis lazuli, in contrast, is often used to help clear up mental confusion and blocks at the emotional level.

To keep your learning curve manageable, it can help to just pick out five or 10 crystals to learn about. Work with them for a while and then expand your knowledge from there as it feels right.

Crystals can serve three primary healing functions.

While there are subtler nuances to how crystals facilitate healing that you will learn more about as you go, at the start, it is helpful to know crystals primarily work with energy in three ways: clearing, energizing and balancing.

You can think of “clearing” like a nice thorough house cleaning. Crystals can sweep up the dust, take out the trash and pull toxins and toxic energy out of your body and energy field.

In contrast, when crystals are used as “energizers,” they are attracting positive, beneficial energy and pulling it towards you to give you more focus, enthusiasm and, of course, energy in your daily life.

When crystals serve a “balancing” function, they are healing disharmony and helping you rebalance your own energy on every level so you can feel, look and live your best.

The crystals you are naturally drawn to are probably the ones you need to use.

When you decide to learn more about crystal healing, there is something to be said for digging deeper than the mind and learning to feel which crystals are for you in your gut. Often you will first notice a crystal is for you when a certain stone catches your eye and you just feel drawn to it.

You can learn to place crystals in different ways to facilitate healing.

Crystal placement is one of the many fascinating components of crystal healing. This is called “crystal layouts” and certain layouts can be incredibly beneficial to heal certain physical and emotional ailments ranging from ADHD to insomnia.

Wearing crystals is a perfectly legitimate way to receive crystal healing.

Not everyone who wears crystals as jewelry or accessories with crystals is doing so to reap their healing benefits. However, this is a great way to enjoy maximum benefit from the crystals you resonate most with.

Crystal meditation can be a powerful form of crystal healing.

If you have a meditation or yoga practice, or you enjoy taking classes at a local studio or center, you may have seen crystals that seem to be placed very strategically in certain areas of the space. Meditating or doing yoga in the presence of crystals can amplify their healing impact.

Crystals need to be cleaned from time to time to stay potent.

Just like an air filter over time can become clogged with toxins, so too can healing crystals require cleaning from time to time. This doesn’t need to be complicated. You can simply allow them to soak in cool pure water or place them out on a full moon night to soak in the moon’s beams.

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