What Is Diabetes and How To Control It?

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What Is Diabetes

What Is Diabetes and How To Control It?

In this article, you’ll learn what diabetes is and How to control it?

Diabetes is a serious health condition characterized by an extremely high level of glucose or sugar in the blood. This disease strikes when the body’s ability to use the blood sugar deteriorates or when the body is not able to use the sugar level properly. The worst part is that high glucose levels in the body can cause some really serious health complications in the long run.

This means the earlier diabetes gets treated the better it will be for the body. Two types of diabetes –   Type 1 and Type 2 – exist and both are different from each other and are caused by entirely different factors. However, both need immediate treatment and proper care to not let health problems cripple the body. This disease can strike anyone and cases of diabetes are growing worldwide at a rapid rate.

Tips to control diabetes

Diabetes is a health condition with the ability to create serious complications to the body if not treated and controlled in a timely manner. So, the priority should be to learn the ways to control this disease and live a happy life.

Here are some helpful tips to control diabetes –

  • Make a proper action plan to lower the risks of the disease
  • Diabetes may lead to heart disease and stroke and you have to keep that in mind
  • Quit tobacco if you are in the habit, as it is harmful to diabetics
  • Check your blood pressure on a regular basis and try to keep it below or at 129/ 79
  • Ask the doctor the right ways of using insulin pen needles
  • Make healthy lifestyle choices and try to bring a change to your everyday schedule
  • Keep stress out of the way as it might hinder your diabetes control therapy and can impact negatively
  • Include physical activity in your daily chores as doing exercise can keep you away from a lot of problems
  • Have fun with your daily exercise, do it for close to half an hour on a daily basis
  • Bring a change to your eating habits and eat a healthy diet that does support your health and keep risks factors away
  • Have a diet that enriches the body with key vitamins and minerals the body needs.
  • Keep a device ready to check your blood sugar level on a regular basis
  • Check your glucose level in the morning, before and after meals, during exercise sessions, and whenever you feel the need to
  • Get yourself tested on a regular basis so that sugar levels are always within the manageable limit to not pose health problems
  • Ask each and every question worth asking when you visit the doctor as this will help you prepare better to control diabetes
  • Adhere to a diabetes plan, take drugs as told, and achieve the readings needed, and so on
  • Feel free to call the doctor as and when you need any help in your fight with diabetes
  • Stay happy and you will stay healthy along the way
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