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Author: Stacey Chillemi

The Complete Herbal Guide / Articles posted by Stacey Chillemi
Martial Arts

How Many Types of Martial Arts Are There?

To most people, “martial arts” is synonymous with karate and Kung Fu. Some even use the terms interchangeably. Little do they know, there’s more to martial arts than these two groups. Are you planning to enroll for lessons at a Martial Arts Houston School? Then, you need to know the specific type of martial arts you’ll be learning. That’s the only way to fully enjoy the benefits of this program. Enrolling for these lessons plays an essential role in keeping you fit. It helps teach discipline, respect, and camaraderie among the players. As a practitioner, you’ll boost your strength, balance, agility, flexibility, reflexes, and cardiovascular endurance. Even better than fighting is the technical aspects of martial arts that focus on improving mental stamina, concentration, and resilience. With the...


Heterochromia: Two Different Colored Eyes

What is Heterochromia? Heterochromia is a condition of eyes that make you possess two different colors of irises. Scientifically, it is called heterochromia iridis or heterochromia iridium. In the case of complete heterochromia, the color of one iris is completely different from the other. For example, the color of one iris is green, the other is brown. Partial or segmented heterochromia is characterized by a spot of difference in color in the same eye. Heterochromia may either be genetic or congenital, present at birth or develops shortly thereafter. In rare cases, heterochromia occurs due to an injury or disease. Hereditary heterochromia is inherited as an autosomal dominant trait. Most people born with heterochromia do not have any diseases, but sometimes, it is a symptom of an underlying disease....

Do I Really Need to See The Dentist Regularly?

They say that a smile is a person’s mightiest weapon. It can neutralize the meanest of enemies and melt the strongest of hearts. This simple muscle-flex holds power to change the vibes. Experts and researchers claim that apart from a person’s mood, reason and intent to smile, there is one factor that is utmost important for a sincere smile—Teeth. Teeth are a crucial part of our cosmetic appearance, and we cannot just ignore their upkeep. We have tonnes of things to take care of, and the only visible set of bones should be on top of our priority list (or near it). Be it daily tasks of chomping down your favorite snacks, passing a smile to every person you pass by, and let’s not forget the confidence...


Tips On How To Take Best Care of Your Pets

Pet care is the primary factor in raising pets at home or anywhere. Pets need love, care, and shelter from human beings, and if you are a pet owner you become liable to the wellbeing of your pet. They must be treated just like any other family member, with a lot of love and affection. Pets also need your time and care, so if you are a pet owner, sit down to play with your pets at least for a few minutes every day. They give you an abundance of love in return. Pets are the only family member who expects nothing but for your love. Pets give you more love than what you give them. Below are a few important reasons why you should care...

back pain

6 Natural Remedies for Back Pain

Traditional medical methods will generally focus on addressing the structural problems in your back, but for many people, more of a versatile methodology will do a superior job at keeping the pain at shoreline indentation. So Medications be apt to have only short-term and uncertain benefits, so think out of the box and do something else that will cure you with some simple methods. Try an st Paul chiropractic (Chiropractic is a health care profession dedicated to the non-surgical treatment of disorders of the nervous system and/or musculoskeletal system. Generally, chiropractors maintain a unique focus on spinal manipulation and treatment of surrounding structures) near you. Chiropractic Treatment The core of chiropractic typically includes treatment of common lower back pain conditions through manual therapy. Spinal manipulation and manual...

PTSD and Signs of It to Take Note Of

PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) can affect anyone and should be diagnosed and treated as early as possible. Signs of it may be as subtle as they could be that it takes a keen eye to observe them. What exactly is PTSD, though? It can be defined as a person’s mental state that is triggered or caused by a traumatic event, either by experiencing it first-hand or witnessing it. PTSD can be difficult to identify compared to that of having a physical wound since it can sometimes occur months or even years after the traumatic event. It can affect all areas of your life, from the way you act to your sleeping patterns and even your relationships at work or at home. Fortunately, if you observe signs of PTSD...


Ridiculously Fashionable Short Haircuts for Men

With so many fashionable and chic short haircuts for men nowadays, there are numerous men's haircuts worthy giving a shot. Here, we highlight some of the best styles and cuts from barbers across the world. Whether you are interested with a quiff, high or low skin fade, faux hawk, buzz cut or pomp, there is a fresh cut that suits your style! Besides, short haircuts for guys are effortless to style and maintain. This makes them a straightforward choice yet on-trend. So, if you came here to get the modern haircuts for your short hair, this list will be most useful to you. Take a look. High Undercut Fade and Slicked Back Hair These short haircuts for men can accommodate any man’s sense of style. The hair is...

face care

Creating Your Perfect Skin Care Routine

There are various reasons to protect the skin but the major one is to enable skin to stay healthy as long as possible. People usually try various products to achieve a beautiful face but it is not as easy as it sounds. To achieve a flawless, acne-free face there are some routine practices to be followed to accomplish this goal. The following are steps to consider getting the desired glowing face. Cleansing People should wash their face thoroughly in the morning and in the evening to get rid of dirt and makeups. Double cleansing is recommended especially if a person wears makeup. Individuals should start by using micellar water or makeup wipes and then followed by a traditional cleanser. In that case, a person is able to...

Provigil Alternatives

What Are The Best Natural Provigil Alternatives for Better Cognition?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Provigil is a drug that is used to reduce extreme tiredness due to narcolepsy and other sleep disorders such as insomnia, or obstructive sleep apnea. People also use the drug to help keep them awake during normal hours.  If they have a work schedule, for example, that requires them to stay awake for long hours and does not allow them to have a normal sleeping routine. Like a nurse for example. The medication does not cure any sleep disorders and it may in fact not get rid of sleepiness at all. It should not be used to replace sleep. It is not known well how the drug works to keep a person awake, some think it works by manipulating certain substances that control the sleeping cycle...


Fast Food Guide for People on Keto Diet

People on keto have different food options they can pick that are healthy and easy to prepare. However, it’s not all the time you will have the mood and energy to prepare meals, so fast foods seem like a good choice to supplement your nutritional needs. Many have known fast foods as foods that may contain improper amounts of nutrients and important minerals, but this is not always the case if the food is selected carefully. For someone considering a low-carb diet, here are some foods that are ideal that you could consider: KFC Grilled Chicken Fried chicken is not a healthy choice because it absorbs lots of oil during the frying process. A perfect alternative that you could consider that is suitable for someone on a keto...