Your Ultimate Guide To Planning a Tummy Tuck

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Your Ultimate Guide To Planning a Tummy Tuck

In this article, you’ll get the ultimate guide to planning a tummy tuck.

Tummy Flattening

You have gone to the gym and did your best to flatten your tummy. Its been months and your weight has toned down, but your stomach does not seem to flatten, at least not as you expected. You could have excess skin and fat on your belly that may need surgery to remove. A tummy tuck would do the trick for you. It involves the removal of excess skin and fat on your abdomen as well as tightening of those muscles. According to facelift in West Palm Beach, it would help if you understood what it entails before getting one. Below is the guide we created for you.

Suitability for a Tummy Tuck

Anyone going in for a tummy tuck should first be healthy to avoid complications during surgery. Women who have saggy skin after pregnancy may also get a tummy tuck to remove the excess skin. Men who suffered from obesity but have exercised enough to remove excess fat always find themselves with excess skin. A tummy tuck helps to get rid of the excess skin and some excess fats. Before you consider having a tummy tuck, if you need to lose extra weight, consider postponing it to the future. A woman who plans to get pregnant in the future should also reconsider a tummy tuck as the vertical muscles tightened during surgery will loosen and separate when pregnant. Expect to have a scar after the surgery and plan on how to take care of it.

Preparing for Surgery

The first step of preparation involves consulting your physician on the planned surgery. The surgery may consist of a full or partial abdominoplasty. The more complicated an operation, the more time it takes to heal and the bigger the possibility of complications. It will help if you quit smoking two weeks before and after surgery to allow the healing process to take place faster. Maintain your diet consistently without making significant changes that may upset the body balance. If you are on any medication, both herbal and manufactured, let the doctor know to avoid complications from medicines that react with drugs used during and after the operation. Organize your house and get lose and comfortable clothes to help you during the healing process at home. Talk to your family to prepare them to help during the recovery time.

Tummy Tuck Process and Complications

The surgery takes between one and five hours with a few hours of rest before and after surgery. Anesthesia administration will take place, and the surgery will involve incisions made around the abdomen. After the surgery, you can expect to feel some pain with the doctor administering pain killers to manage it. You will have general tiredness and numbness during the recovery period and may need someone to help you as you recover. Expected but not mandatory complications include infections on the incision area, bleeding under the skin, or experiencing blood clots. If you have poor health or other complications such as diabetes, they increase the chances of experiencing poor healing. Always monitor your healing process as it could lead to loss of skin and significant scarring if it occurs poorly. When poor healing advances to complicated stages, you may need to undergo a second surgery to help with the healing.


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