Powerful Herbal Remedies Right Out Of Your Garden

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Powerful Herbal Remedies Right Out Of Your Garden

Powerful Herbal Remedies Right Out Of Your Garden

Nowadays, supermarkets and pharmacies are flooded with different medicines intended to give the customer the relief they need and help them improve their health. However, all these medicines contain many harmful ingredients, which have a positive effect on a particular organ and a negative impact on another. While most people entrust their doctor and rush to the pharmacy as soon as they get a prescription for their pain, some others opt for natural means of treatment.

Natural herbal remedies from your garden:

Rosemary for mental stimulation

If you tend to forget half of your daily tasks or you feel under the weather and too tired to perform any activity, rosemary can be the solution to your issues. It is a natural method for stimulating your memory, gives you energy and helps you “clean” you cluttered mind off any negative thoughts.

Lavender for skin and soothing nerves

Is there anybody who hasn’t heard about the magical stress – reliever called Lavender? This wonderful herb has wonderful aroma but apart from that , t is used in the cosmetic industry. If you read the labels of some of your expensive skin care products, you will see that the lavender is between the ingredients, intended to fight acne, sunburns as well as insomnia and tension. Plus, it is commonly used as a spice in some cuisines.

Chamomile for Stomach infections

From time immemorial, Chamomile has been regarded as a herb that can effectively treat infections, stomach disorders, colic, stress. It is a preferred ingredient for many cosmetic products especially those that are mainly used for rashes, sunburns, and allergies.

Aloe Vera for effective Skin Care

Do you want to cleanse your skin and get rid of the unpleasant acne that causes you so much inconvenience? If you do, there is no better approach than using aloe vera products. Aloe is commonly recognized as the plant that has unique features and can be used for numerous purposes. Your attempts to lose weight and cleanse your body from the toxins turn out to be unsuccessful every time?Include fennel in your daily menu. It suppresses the appetite naturally and can be used for making salads.

Calendula for Antifungal and Antiseptic properties

The lovely petals of the calendula not only make the garden more cheerful and pleasant looking but they also have antiseptic, healing and antifungal properties. It is not surprising that along with the lavender and the aloe, calendula is the third most widespread ingredient of the cosmetic products.

Periwinkle for treating wounds and infections

Periwinkle is a really popular medicine for preventing bleeding. Although it is not as widespread garden herb as the ones, mentioned above, it is an effective method for dealing with wounds and scratches so if you are planning to go camping at a place that is far from any hospital, make sure to carry some periwinkle for cleaning wounds and preventing infections.

Spearmint for boosting mood and energy

Spearmint is one of the plants that are fairly easy to grow. It doesn’t require much attention but it is irreplaceable when it comes to boosting your energy without using any “magic” pills. Boiling a few leaves and drinking a cup of spearmint (commonly advertised as “Minty fresh”) is enough for improving your mood and give you energy. Depending on the seriousness of your health problem, it may take some more time for the herbs to take effect but you can rest assured that if they don’t relieve your pain, they won’t cause any further issues.

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Pheeby Snow Pheeby Snow Pheeby Snow is an experienced Gardner and has a lot of herbs in her backyard. She likes the natural way to take care of her body and that’s why she usually uses organic recipes based on herbs for health purposes.

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