Getting Rid Of Your Scars With Essential Oils

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Getting Rid Of Your Scars With Essential Oils

Getting Rid Of Your Scars With Essential Oils

Scars Happen In All Walks Of Life

One time at night I was walking from the kitchen in the dark and heading toward the backyard. The lights were off. Suddenly, a white flash slammed into my face. Shocked, I looked around but didn’t see anything until the light was turned on. I realized that I walked right through a thick glass sliding door. Glass was everywhere and I was bleeding profusely. My grandmother saw me and gave me a collective gasp. Rushing to the bathroom I saw a big cut over my left eyebrow along with other cuts on my back. I was so upset because I had a date with a beautiful lady over the weekend and I wanted to look my best. But it wasn’t meant to be because I ended up being in the emergency room, being stitched up.

The Difference Between Your Normal Skin And Scars

When you get a scar, it can be quite unpleasant. And many times they can be unsightly, something you would rather be without. These marks occur when your second layer of skin is penetrated. If the cuts are deep then the more noticeable they can be. When the skin is broken, your body naturally activates its repair system and starts fixing the damaged tissue with collagen. The problem is that this collagen is different than normal collagen. It is less functional because it contains fibrous connective tissue that is insoluble fibrin. With this type of fibrin, the new tissue has only grown in a single direction which is different than the higher quality of normal tissue (soluble fibrin) that forms basket weave alignment (the best type of skin that grows in multiple directions). Also, this new collagen has less elastin and consequently, the area will have less elasticity than normal skin.

Treating Your Scars With Essential Oils

It is amazing to see how God created plants. They grow from a seed into beautiful flowers, trees, and many other forms of plants. That is how nature works. Plants have complex healing properties that were designed to naturally enable the plants to heal themselves. Cut off a branch and another one will grow to replace it. You can tap into this healing power in the form of essential oils.

Essential oils are so powerful and can be 75 to 100 times more powerful than dried herbs. Essential oils are naturally wonderful treatments for scars. We can extract the excellent essential oils that hold the healing properties of plants for our own use. That is what essential oils are, highly concentrated, steam-distilled, or cold-pressed extracts from seeds, roots, stems, bark, flowers, fruits, leaves, or any part of a plant. The healing properties contain a complex network of molecules that carry different effects on your body. Their power to overcome the disease is so effective that if used properly it is possible to bypass unnecessary medication and surgeries. They can also complement and assist conventional methods if needed.

A Required Partner Of Essential Oils – Carrier Oils

Since essential oils are so potent and powerful, you need to make sure that they are not too strong for topical application with your skin. The way to do this is by diluting the oils with a mild and complimentary oil. We call these carrier oils. There are several good reasons to combine carrier oils with essential oils.

  • Not only do carrier oils dilute essential oils but also they have beneficial properties themselves that work hand in hand.
  • It is easy for essential oils to evaporate. Furthermore, it is very easy for your skin to absorb them too quickly. Carrier oils fix both of these problems because they don’t quickly evaporate and gradually control the absorption of essential oils into the skin.
  • Carrier oils are able to retain the essential oil nutrition for much longer than other forms of dilution.
  • A few of the essential oils have a drying effect even though they are very healthy with valuable vitamins. To combat that, carrier oils help the skin stay moisturized as a hydrating counterbalance.

There are many types of carrier oils that you can use. Some popular ones would be below:

  • Jojoba oil
  • Hazelnut oil
  • Rose-hip oil
  • Safflower oil

Essential Oils That Work On Scars

Here is a list of essential oils that work especially well on scars.

Carrot Seed

Naturally promotes healthy skin cell formation. Works great on acne scars.

Cedar Wood

Stops scar growth by healing the scar wounds faster. Also good at diminishing old scars.


Decreases the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and dark spots. Frankincense promotes the growth of new skin cells which grow over scar tissue to eventually smooth the skin.


Reduces acne scar breakouts, minimizes scar irritation, fights infection, and evens up skin tones.


Promotes the regeneration of damaged skin. One of the best natural remedies for reducing stretch marks. It can eliminate scars or at least fade their appearance. Works wonders on the more difficult deeper scars like chickenpox.


Can penetrate deeper into the skin and remove scars quickly. Can be used on new scars to start the healing process immediately or it can be used to minimize the appearance of existing scars.


Vitamin C in the lemon essential oil fights against bacteria makes it a great remedy for acne scarring. Lemon oil encourages new skin cell formation by lightening the skin which triggers the production of collagen and fades acne scars at the same time.


Significant impact on the appearance of your scars. Improves blood circulation, tones blood capillaries, lifts the skin and manages your skin’s elasticity.


Helps promote the growth of new skin around the area of fresh scars and as a result, over time the scars tend to fade away.

How to Apply On Scars

First, you need to combine the essential oils of your choice with a carrier oil that you pick. The amount depends on the condition of the scar. However, typically you would mix 10 drops of essential oil per tablespoon of any carrier oil which should be sufficient in a lot of cases. Then with a cotton swab gently apply the solution to the scars. A good practice is to apply twice a day. Depending on the essential oil you use and the seriousness of the scar, the time to heal usually can range from 1 week to 12 weeks.


You will be pleasantly surprised at how well essential oils can work on your scars. If used properly it is possible to bypass unnecessary medication and surgeries. But if for some reason you still opt for surgery, the essential oils can also complement the process and enhance the healing. Either way, you should seriously consider using essential oils for the best benefits on your skin. Try to buy the essential oils that are pure, therapeutic quality, and USDA-certified organic. Your skin is worth it.

By William Seadler

William works as an editor of two magazines. One is the Jardinee magazine which is dedicated to healthy living with essential oils and herbs – The other is the Critical Crow magazine which is devoted to discovering and reviewing high-quality products. – He holds two bachelor’s degrees in business and marketing. On a personal basis, William was always researching anything to do with healthy living and believes that using nature in a proper form has many great benefits. When taking a break William likes to spend his time with family, reading books, cooking healthy food, and sports.

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