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  • 6 Ways CBD Can Help College Students Deal With Stress

    College students face stress at staggering rates – according to the American Psychological Association, 61 percent of college students who seek counseling say they deal with anxiety. Another 28 percent of students look for professional help because

  • Psychology 101: Anxiety and Natural Ways to Help Ease the Stress

    Anxiety and stress are natural parts of life we can’t avoid, especially because these are built and hardwired into our systems as humans. People feel anxious and stressed because of the need to do tasks for survival – which can translate into

  • 6 Natural Remedies For Relieving Stress

    You already know the meaning of stress. Even if stress hasn’t affected you, the chances are that one of your family members is affected. The most common causes of stress are financial constraints and marriage problems. Some studies show that co

  • What To Do When You’re Feeling Stressed Out & Overwhelmed

    While a normal amount of stress is healthy and nothing to be concerned about, too much of it is debilitating and can act as a trigger for additional health problems, ranging from mental health conditions to physical illnesses. It’s important to rec

  • Natural Anti-Anxiety Remedies To Reduce & Eliminate Stress

    Learn how to reduce stress, tension and anxiety before it has serious health consequences….

  • How to Use Meditation for Stress Relief

    Stress, often viewed as an inevitable portion of life by many people is a key source of wear and tear on one’s mind and body. There are many solutions recommended that could help to relieve stress including medication, but experts at Meditation-Mus

  • Medicinal Uses of Ashwagandha

    Ashwagandha has been used for strengthening the body and for helping to prevent disease. Ashwagandha has shown benefits in treating both anxiety and depression, enhancing the antitumor effects of chemotherapy, stimulation of thyroid function, and imp

  • Natural Remedies for Beating Stress

    Unfortunately, stress seems like a normal part of everyday life these days, but it needn’t be this way. You can learn to adopt techniques that put you in a better position to manage stress and get better at lessening its effect on you. Of course, s

  • Always Stressed? Here Are 12 Natural Stress Relievers to Try Now

    The stresses of modern life can get to all of us, which is why it’s important to relax after hard day’s work. Mother Nature knows this, and that is why she has given us so many natural herbs that we can use to take the stress away. Herbs work by

  • 5 Natural Remedies for Stress

    Staying away from stress in this day and age is practically unmanageable, especially in today’s active lifestyle. Unfortunately, most people tend to lean towards unhealthy ways to deal with stress, and sometimes even prescription drugs. However, be

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