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The Trillion Dollar Stress Solution: New Book Exposes Fatal Flaw In Historic Stress Science

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The Fatal Flaw In Historic Stress Science

The Trillion Dollar Stress Solution: New Book Exposes Fatal Flaw In Historic Stress Science


The Fatal Flaw In Historic Stress Science

It is well known that the cost of stress to the global economy is in excess of a trillion dollars already and keeps rising with no end in sight. However, few will know that the reason current stress management approaches are failing so abysmally is found in an outdated, limited research model from 1908. A fundamental flaw in the underlying science has caused a situation where worldwide people are driven into deeper stress rather than finding any form of meaningful solution to the “Trillion Dollar Stress Pandemic.”

Silvia Hartmann, co-founder of GoE (the world’s first certifying body for modern energy) has spent her entire professional life cutting to the core of stress and crafting a modern, powerful way to rid it for good. In ‘The Trillion Dollar Stress Solution’ – that blueprint is finally unveiled.


Very rarely, a book comes along that has the power to change the way we see the world. Silvia Hartmann’s extraordinary The Trillion Dollar Stress Solution is that book. Controversial, adversarial, and fundamentally revolutionary, this book delivers exactly what it says on the tin – the definitive solution to The Trillion Dollar Stress Pandemic, and the master key to success in life for individuals, families, companies, societies, and in the end, all of humanity.

Stress is “The Trillion Dollar Global Pandemic” – and here is the Trillion Dollar Stress Solution!

Allow yourself to be astonished when you find out that the entire “stress management industry” is stuck on an outdated model from 1908 – and the profound difference it makes when we start to apply MODERN stress solutions.

In this brilliant book, GoE President Silvia Hartmann gives us a logical, concise explanation of stress, and the direct road that will lead from stress to SUCCESS – in business, in work, in our personal lives, and in the end, for humanity at large.

“Let me be brutally honest here,” explains the author. “Stress makes us stupid; it’s a vicious circle where we start to become clumsy, forgetful, lazy and this in turn breeds more stress. The current stress management model employed by health and wellness professionals only contributes to this cycle. I made it my lifetime commitment to change that, and have finally formulated a modern approach that will improve anyone’s personal, physical, professional and emotional performance. Proper stress management is literally a boundless new lease of life, and it all starts with this book.”

Continuing, “The book shows anyone how they can properly recognize and measure stress, how they can defeat stress in others by helping them to calm down and relax, how they can revolutionize their own life through the management of the factors that contribute to their own stress cycles and how they can halt the gradual destruction of their health through living a life more joyful than they ever thought possible. The material is all 100% new – and ripe for the picking.”

For more information on the author and her work, visit https://silviahartmann.goe.ac.

About the Author:

Born in Germany in 1959, Silvia Hartmann has lived and worked in the United Kingdom since 1978. Hartmann is the developer and primary designer of Energy EFT, Positive EFT, SuperMind, The Genius Symbols, EMO Energy In Motion, Events Psychology and Modern Stress Management.

Silvia Hartmann is also best known for her creativity project in coordination with Google, where she wrote a novel as a live performance before an audience of 13,000 readers who were able to influence and comment as the story unfolded. This title was included in the British Library’s compendium “A History of the Book in 100 Books” and the Chicago Tribune suggested it opened a “New Chapter” for the publishing industry.
In 1998, Silvia Hartmann co-founded The GoE, the world’s first certifying body for modern energy and wrote the world’s first book on EFT “Adventures in EFT: The Essential Guide to Emotional Freedom Techniques” (DragonRising, 1998), which remained the only available book on EFT until 2001, went through 8 editions and was finally replaced in 2010 by Energy EFT.

During 2011, Hartmann created the Energy EFT Master Practitioner Training. In 2014, the EMO Master Practitioner Qualification was added and in 2015, the SuperMind Master to create a cohesive, wide-reaching and cohesive training structure for modern energists.

As a modern energy researcher, her work has so far produced a workable definition of emotions, a new system to explain human behavior, and the decoding of the language of metaphor. Hartmann continues to push forward the boundaries of creativity and functional research and is best known for her inspiring books, stories, works of art and outstanding model designs in theory and practice.

To this day, Silvia Hartmann continues to lead the GoE as president and to evolve the Third Field of MODERN Energy.
Silvia Hartmann’s favorite saying is “Love without logic is insanity. And vice versa.”
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