Three Great and Three Not So Great Cardio Machines

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Three Great and Three Not So Great Cardio Machines

When it comes to improving your health exercise isn’t quite as simple as you might first think. It can be split into two main groups muscle building and cardio. Muscle building is pretty self-explanatory while cardio is focused on weight/ fat loss.

Some exercise machines can do both but most will have a focus on one or the other. Below, I’ve outlined three of the most effective cardio machines people can use to improve their health and three of the more difficult to master machines.

If you are starting your weight loss journey towards better health then using the right machines is important. While I would say most exercise machines can improve health when it comes to cardio some are certainly better than others. So, let’s look at some of the best cardio machines available.

Best – Treadmill 

The problem with a lot of cardio machines is that although they might improve your overall health (any movement is better than no movement after all) they aren’t set-up to be overly effective. They are either very complicated to use or designed to only move your body in a more unnatural way.

The reason why the treadmill is one of the best cardio machines for health and fitness is that it completely avoids both these issues. A treadmill allows your body to move naturally and it’s easy to use. They can also run at different speeds so it’s perfect for beginners and veterans alike.

Best – Rowing Machine 

The rowing machine isn’t quite as common as other cardio machines and it’s not really beginner friendly but it does burn some serious calories. Best of all, a rowing machine will give your whole body a cardio workout making it a valuable and powerful exercise machine.

Best – Spin Bike 

There a lot of cardio machines styled like bikes but my favorite as got to be the Spin Bike. While the saddle can be a little uncomfortable at first this bike is excellent for both high-intensity cardio and slower longer periods of training. Best of all, unlike some alternative cardio bikes, the Spin Bike is relatively simple to get to grips with so it makes a great starting point for beginners.

Worst – Elliptical 

The Elliptical as a bad reputation amongst gym veterans but while it does have its uses, it is a great low-intensity machine for people who are overweight to get started with for one thing. But outside of that, the Elliptical doesn’t really measure up to other cardio machines.

The movement is unnatural and unless you move it up to very high levels you simply won’t burn many calories on it. A short session to warm up at the start of your workout might help get your blood pumping but for most people, the Elliptical just isn’t really needed.

Worst – ARC Trainer 

ARC Trainers aren’t a common sight in many gyms because they are big machines that don’t offer much. Movement is unnatural and they can be quite difficult to use if you are too short or too tall. They suffer from many of the same issues as the Elliptical so are best ignored unless you really fancy giving something new a try. But most people won’t want to stick with them afterward.

Worst – Recumbent Bike 

The recumbent bike is great for working out your legs but that is all you will really accomplish with this machine. Now a good leg workout is great for your health and cardio but other bikes offer much more as they can help work other areas of your body as well at the same time. Still, the bike can be useful if you want to give your upper body a rest for a bit.

In Conclusion 

So, that is a look at my picks for the best and worst cardio health exercise machines. While no machine is completely pointless it can’t be denied that some are certainly more effective than others when it comes to getting a good cardio workout.

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