How to Prevent Hair Loss in Men

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How to Prevent Hair Loss in Men

Do you fear going bald in your early 30s?

Male pattern baldness is a common fear among men who are approaching their 30s and above. Most fear this because, in their mind, a bald look doesn’t suit them in the least. On the other hand, others feel they lose some of their self-esteem if they lose a lot of their hair if not all.

Some are lucky enough to not have to suffer through this while others have this fate tied with their genes. These unfortunate few then seek out different ways on how to prevent hair loss at a young age. If you’re one of those searching for an answer, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll discuss different solutions you can try out to prevent baldness. Read onto learning more today:

Avoid Using Shampoos with High Amounts of Sodium Chloride

There are some shampoos available on retail with some sodium chloride mixed in them. Sometimes, shampoos like them are the ones that get a lot of popularity for their effectiveness in cleaning out the dirt in your hair. They’re also the ones with great marketing, making them all the more popular.

While it does do a thorough job at cleaning your hair, it also contributes to it falling out. The salt found inside these shampoos can wither and weaken the integrity of the hair follicle and in some cases even destroy it by causing it to dry out.

Instead, you should consider using milder shampoos as a replacement. These can help you keep your hair clean while making sure its condition doesn’t deteriorate. There are even some shampoos that help increase the strength of your hair roots.

Rinse Your Hair on a Regular Basis

Another contributing factor to the weakening of your hair follicles is the dust and pollution floating in the air which sticks to your hair catches as it passes by. Over time, these can also weaken your roots and cause your hair to fall out. This is why you should make it a habit to rinse your hair whenever you feel like it’s appropriate.

Once or twice a day is an acceptable practice. Once when you wake up to remove the dust collected during your sleep and once after a day outside to wash out any pollutants you may have picked up along the way.

That said, when rinsing your hair, make sure to not use shampoo all the time. Constant use of shampoo may wash away the natural oil your scalp produces. This healthy oil protects your hair from a lot of the things which may bring it harm.

While using shampoo is a great way to wash out dirt from your hair, it will do you more harm than good in the long run.

Take Hair Loss Treatment Pills

If you find out it’s in your genes to go bald at an early age, then there are only a few options left for you to prevent balding. Some give in and accept their coming loss. You can do that too or you can look for more help here and take some hair loss treatment pills instead.

There is a variety of medication you can take to help solve your hair loss problem. For example, finasteride promises renewed hair growth for a lot of its users. Also known as Propecia, this prescription drug also has other benefits such as shrinking an enlarged prostate.

It also has some alarming side effects if you’re using other medication. Only use this when your doctor gives you the all clear.

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol

There’s always been a clear link between smoking and hair loss. The toxins found in the smoke of cigarettes can harm the follicles, causing it to lose its grip on the hair. The smoke also has toxins that inhibit the hormones that should be promoting hair growth.

To make matters worse, some pair their smoking habit with an excessive intake of alcohol. How does consuming alcohol interfere with hair growth, you ask? Allow us to explain.

Alcohol acts as a diuretic when taken into the body. In small doses, it does next to nothing in contributing to hair loss, but when taking excessive amounts of alcohol, it causes the blood to not be as efficient in carrying nutrients to where they need to be.

This deprives hair follicles of what it needs to sustain itself to maintain integrity. Alcohol also interferes with how your hair cells absorb nutrients, further weakening the state of your follicles.

Reduce the times you smoke and drink or cut them out of your routine if you can. Doing so can promote healthier hair and faster hair growth.

 Keep Yourself Hydrated

How to avoid hair loss? A simple trick to do so is to keep yourself hydrated throughout your day. Keeping a bottle of water ready by your side can help prevent hair loss in different ways. For example, it helps keep your blood sugar regulated in your body.

A spike your blood sugar is often caused by moments of dehydration. The blood sugar spike is a common cause for male pattern baldness. Staying hydrated also means your hair gets what it needs to sustain itself.

When you become dehydrated, the follicles in your scalp become dry and weakened. This makes it possible for hair loss to happen. Dehydration also causes dandruff, which also contributes to making your follicles brittle.

Use Creams Specializing in Hair Loss

As of the moment, there’s no permanent way to prevent hair loss. However, there are different ways you can slow it down. Applying the cream on balding spots on your head is one such way.

Products like Rogaine promote the growth of hair through their active ingredient, minoxidil. This substance enlarges the hair follicles and causes the hair growth phase to extend. This makes your hair appear thicker for a longer period of time.

Like the pills mentioned above, creams like Rogaine may have some interactions with other products or medication. Always ask your doctor first if using such products is safe.

Learn How to Prevent Hair Loss Today

How to prevent hair from falling out? These tips and tricks will help you avoid hair loss and improve its health instead. Read up now and pave your way to better, thicker hair.

Learning how to prevent hair loss isn’t the only thing we can help you with. Check out our other guides and hacks to help you through your day.


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