Greener Receptions: How Can I Serve Healthier Food At My Wedding?

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Greener Receptions: How Can I Serve Healthier Food At My Wedding?

When you live a healthy and holistic lifestyle with your partner, it makes sense to want to bring that lifestyle into your wedding. Having healthier food options at your reception is also a great way to make your guests feel more included if they have diet restrictions.

But how can you incorporate healthier food into your wedding reception while still making sure the food that’s offered is full of flavor and fun? Here are a few ways you can make your wedding just a little healthier without sacrificing any of your fun on your big day.

Have your wedding at a destination with naturally good food

There are 2.4 million weddings performed in the U.S. every year and 25% of those weddings are destination weddings. While you don’t necessarily need to have your wedding across the country, a different city or town from your own may offer healthier choices when it comes to local cuisine.

For instance, Alaska is a popular wedding destination for nature lovers because it contains 3.2 million acres of land and water, and the fish is incredibly fresh.

Look for areas in or around your state, or even outside of your state if it’s in your budget, that are known for their healthier local cuisine so you can cater to your wedding without sweating the possibilities for the menu.

Use organic fruit in your pre-reception snacks

The fruit is incredibly healthy, tastes delicious, and makes for a great addition to any wedding menu. If you’re looking for foods that are light enough for guests to enjoy before the ceremony or between the ceremony but before the reception, consider using organic fruit.

Buying organic instead of nonorganic is an easy way to make your wedding food options that much healthier and eco-friendly without having to make a big decision. Up to 76% of Americans who eat organic food say they do it because of the health benefits, so you can be sure your guests will appreciate the decision.

Opt for a buffet-style reception dinner

For some couples, it may be easier to have your guests choose between a few dinner options. But if you’re looking to make your reception dinner on the healthier side without disappointing any of the guests who will be eating with you, consider using a buffet-style reception dinner instead.

Buffet-style dinners make it so you, your new spouse, and your guests can easily decide what you’d like to eat whether it’s organic fish, specially-seasoned vegetables, artichoke puffs, or one of the 100 different shapes of homemade pasta. Buffet-style dinners also make it easier for guests with diet restrictions to pick and choose from the menu, too.

Weddings are usually a time when healthy eating is the last thing on your mind. But when you’re dancing the night away at your reception with your friends and family, you want to be sure that the food you’re offering at your wedding isn’t holding anyone back.

By following the tips above, you can make your wedding just a little bit healthier for everyone so you and your guests can enjoy every part of the wedding from the ceremony to the reception.


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