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Child Obesity Prevention: Ideas to Help Children Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

The Complete Herbal Guide / Babies, Kids & Teens  / Child Obesity Prevention: Ideas to Help Children Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Child Obesity Prevention: Ideas to Help Children Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Times have changed since our parents and we were growing up. Things are different. The fast and vast development of technology has brought us so many groundbreaking discoveries and amazing options. It’s made our lives much easier and enabled us to do and see things we never thought we could, at least not as easily as we can now. However, just like anything else, this tech boom also has its downsides. One serious and widespread downside is child obesity. Computers are taking up much more of our time than before and there’s a change in lifestyle. Of course, it happens to both children and adults, but adults are more mature and conscious and they usually have a way to battle this issue and force themselves to live a healthier life despite spending that much time sitting in front of a screen. Unfortunately, we cannot expect the same from our children. Therefore, we need to help by guiding them and making sure they have a good quality of life despite all the unhealthy habits that loom.

Promote physical activity

Children don’t like to be bossed around which means you need to find a wiser way to get them to do what you want. Try to make them interested in a certain physical activity or sport. There must be some sort of a sports club in school and you need to find a way to make it sound cool to your kids. The important thing to know is that the decision should be theirs, but you’ll be the one to steer them in the right direction. Tell them about the time you were little and how you met many friends and had a lot of fun doing sports. This will entice them and help them see sport as a fun activity, not torture.


Food quality

Another important issue when it comes to a healthy lifestyle is the quality of the food you buy. There’s a lot to where you buy your food. Your fruit and veggies are probably healthier bought on a market than in a store when they’ve been frozen and on the shelves for a while. Moreover, you need to be mindful of the way you store your food, which means good appliances. For instance, high-quality Electrolux refrigerators keep your food fresh and bacteria free with built-in air purifiers and a brand new set of food-friendly features. Once you manage to buy more healthy products and store them properly, the lifestyle of your family will change for the better.


Limit snacking

Make sure to have a snacking schedule, limit the time and the amount of food meant for snacking. If you start early enough and stay persistent, after a while, your kids will consider it normal to eat just one piece of chocolate instead of the whole thing and they won’t feel a need for more. You can have chocolate days and ice-cream days, as well as fruit days and order snacks by days in a week. That way your kids will have a smaller intake of sugar, but at the same time, they won’t be deprived of any kind of snack, they’ll just have to wait a day or two for the next kind.


Family recreation time

Physical activity is very important for staying healthy. Simply enrolling your children in a sports club isn’t enough. You need to convey the message that physical activity on a daily basis is just a way of life and you need to make sure this actually happens. So, as children learn by example and their parents are their role-models, you need to take part in all sorts of activities with your kids. So, every day after work, you can go to the playground, play Frisbee or ball with your kids. Take them to a park and make sure to spend time in nature. Take long exploratory walks as you visit new places and it will be a great and fun way to stay active.


Implement healthy habits

Change doesn’t happen overnight and it’s almost never effective when you introduce a bunch of new rules and restrictions into your lifestyle. However, doing this gradually is absolutely the right way. Start small; you can replace some unhealthy snacks with healthy ones. You can slowly move dinner time up a bit. Try to make your healthy meals more delicious. There are many recipes that will turn bland healthy meals into delicious ones.

In the end, the most important lesson for you to learn is that a healthy lifestyle is not a phase, but something that becomes a habit and is practiced daily. On top of that, you cannot expect your children to change their habits while you keep yours. The whole family needs to make an effort. It’s much easier that way and you’ll be stronger together.

Tracey Clayton

Tracey Clayton is a passionate writer, online article editor and a mom to three girls. In her spare time, she likes to do research, and write articles to create awareness regarding a healthy lifestyle.