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The Complete Guide to Natural Healing / Posts tagged "matcha green tea recipe"

Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte Recipe

Blend a chilled matcha green tea latte using a classic martini shaker. What will I need? 2 tsp of Matcha Power Fresh filtered water Milk (cow, almond, soy or rice – we recommend almond) Kitchen accessory for frothing milk Ice Cubes OPTIONAL: Add flavors with chai spice, cinnamon, vanilla or coconut Step One Fill martini shaker with 1 cup ice Step Two Sift 2 tsp of Matcha into a martini shaker Step Three Add half cup fresh filtered water Step Four Shake well, and pour into a tall glass with fresh ice Step Five Finish with 3 oz frothed chilled milk – cow, almond, soy or rice FOR EXTRA PIZZAZZ Add flavors with chai spice, cinnamon, vanilla or coconut   Love this recipe? Don’t forget to share it with a friend. ...