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4 Good Reasons Men Need to Pay More Attention to Their Health

Studies upon studies have shown that men generally pay less attention to their health compared to women. That’s why many people consider men to be the weaker sex when it comes to health concerns. Men aren’t so proactive with their health as they’re used to visiting the doctor only after something has happened. They’re also generally less aware of their health statuses and are known to be less adherent to treatments. Maybe that’s the way men are wired, and there’s nothing we can really do to change human nature, but they need to do more to improve their health conditions. This is because as much as the health choices they make affect them and everyone around them. For example, if they get an infection and then fail to...


7 Benefits of Testosterone on the Body

If your sexual desire has diminished, or you want to improve your muscle mass and avoid getting a tummy, increasing testosterone levels is an option that more men turn to every day. We explain how to achieve it. Testosterone has functions in the body that go far beyond the sexual field, resulting in basic sports aspects. Therefore, it is especially important that athletes pay attention to their levels of this hormone. These are the main benefits of testosterone for male health: Energy and Fatigue The relationship between testosterone and the feeling of tiredness is demonstrated. At lower levels of this hormone, more fatigue, and less activity. Sexual quality Testosterone, being the sex hormone, regulates all sexual processes. Therefore, it is essential to have adequate levels to maintain libido, the formation...


Chocolate & Banana Testosterone Boosting Smoothie

Smoothies are a great way to pack in a whole lot of nutrients very quickly, especially if you don’t have time to prepare or eat a whole meal. It makes sense then, that we should utilize the power of the smoothie to increase our intake of natural testosterone-boosting ingredients. With that in mind, we wanted to give you a recipe to use for the purpose - and it’s a delicious one. Ready to skyrocket your t-levels? Here’s our recipe for a super-fast t-level boosting smoothie that will fill you up for several hours: Super-quick chocolate and banana testosterone-boosting smoothie You will need: Ingredients 2 tbsp unsweetened dark cocoa powder 1 scoop hemp protein powder One tbsp hemp seeds 1 tbsp maca powder One tbsp cacao powder ¾ cup vanilla...

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