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6 Natural Ways to Defy Your Age and Look Younger

It is not bad at all to look your age, but it is much better to look younger. The reason for this is more sentimental actually. The physical aspects of age are mostly manifested in the skin and the skin is not only the biggest organ but it is also the most visible. Thus, when the indications of age start showing, things like creases, wrinkles, crow’s feet and others, we start feeling too conscious of ourselves and our self-esteem plummets. You should not worry though because there are many ways to stay looking younger despite the passage of years. Following are just a few effective natural ways: Drink Plenty Of Water Every Day So cliché this phrase, but hey, cliché is good because it can keep you...

10 Healthy Lifestyle Tips To Live A Healthy Life

It goes without saying that everyone wants to lead a long, healthy life. However, as you might be aware, taking up positive lifestyle habits is no walk in the park. For most people converting to a healthy lifestyle is difficult.  The hardest part is consistency.  Read on to find out the ten best practices for living a healthy life. Create A Balanced Diet For Yourself A balanced diet is the surest way to keep your body healthy and strong. Unfortunately, most people tend to assume the importance of eating a balanced diet. Without a proper diet, chances are that your body will lack the required nutrients for proper functioning. Therefore, it is advisable to take your time and plan for a balanced diet as it will go...

healthy food

10 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy

Bringing little changes in the things that you do each day adds up to being healthy and fit. While many of us try to keep our lifestyle as healthy as possible, it is always a work in progress since there are many elements to a healthy lifestyle. Below are some tips which can guide you on your journey on the path to stay healthy. Give Up Bad Habits Habits which you need to quit would be smoking, drugs and other unhealthy addictions. It will take some time to get over it, but it's worth it if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle. Do Regular Body Checkups Visit your doctor for your annual physical just to make sure everything is as it should be. If you have insurance, that covers...


5 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Naturally in 2019

Tired of fad diets and counting calories? If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you’ll know there is some questionable weight loss advice out there, most of which are unsubstantiated. Although calorie counting often works, there are easier ways to lose weight and feel healthier than by weighing every morsel of food that passes your lips. So, before you jump on the weight loss bandwagon this year, consider that dropping those extra pounds could be a lot simpler than you think. Here are 5 easy ways to lose weight naturally by making a few simple alterations in your diet.  Eat Whole Foods  Eating whole, single-ingredient foods eliminates most sugar, added fats, and processed foods from your diet, so it is by far the best way to lose weight....

Easy Coconut Oil Bath Melts Recipe

Easy Coconut Oil Bath Melts Recipe

[embed]https://youtu.be/6ZLYLeMSi6A[/embed] These easy coconut oil bath melts are going to be your next favorite beauty product! With their aroma and soothing effects, you’ll definitely want to toss them right away in the tub. While they are readily available in supermarket aisles, they can be quite expensive. And you wouldn’t want to waste your hard-earned cash over those products, right? That said, making your own coconut oil bath bombs is your best option. So how do you make them? Here’s an easy recipe you can follow at home. What You Need: 20 drops of essential oils (depending on your preference) 2 tbsp. melted coconut oil (I used Coco Treasure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil) ½ cup bath salts (sea salts work well) ½ cup citric acid 1 cup baking...


5 Scientific Benefits of a Genuine Smile

Did you know that one genuine smile can provide the same level of brain stimulation as up to 2,000 chocolate bars? Smiling does not only make us happier, but we appear more professional and competent. In today's dog-eat-dog world, many view friendliness as a weakness. Yet this simple facial expression leads to a feel-good feeling that we all like. Scientists tell us though, that smiling is not only beneficial for the person smiling. Why not check out our guide to the 5 proven reasons to genuinely smile. Lowers Your Stress Levels and Be Happy Smiling is one ingredient in a recipe for happiness. When we smile, dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin flood into our bloodstream. Learning how to smile is a key method to handle stress. It can even help to control mood swings and become...

essential oil

Essential Oils: Main Benefits and How To Use Them

As someone who likes to take advantage of everything that plants have to offer, you may have already heard of essential oils. Essential oils have become significantly more popular over the past couple of years. However, the rise in popularity of essential oils has also given way to an increase in misinformation and inferior products. We’re here to provide you with a breakdown of everything you need to know about essential oils and the benefits they offer. What Are Essential Oils? Essential oils are nothing more than plant extracts. However, they can be up to 75 times more potent than dry herbs. They are completely natural and 100 percent safe, as long as you use them correctly. Since the oils are so powerful, you should never use...

hemp flower

Top Benefits of CBD Hemp Flowers

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring compound found in the resinous flower of cannabis, a plant with a rich history as medicine going back thousands of years. Today the therapeutic properties of CBD are being tested and confirmed by scientists and doctors around the world. A safe, non-addictive substance, CBD is one of more than a hundred “phytocannabinoids,” which are unique to cannabis and endow the plant with its robust therapeutic profile. CBD is closely related to another important medicinally active phytocannabinoid: tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound that causes the high that cannabis is famous for. These are the two components of cannabis that have been most studied by scientists. Both CBD and THC have significant therapeutic attributes. But unlike THC, CBD does not make a person feel “stoned” or intoxicated. That’s because CBD and THC act in different ways on different receptors in the brain and body. CBD can actually lessen or...


How to Teach Your Kids to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

We all want the best for our children, but if we’re being honest, we probably aren’t setting the best example. Because saying and doing are two completely different things. We want better for our children than we accept for ourselves, but it’s difficult to inspire change when you’re doing the same old thing. The only way to really teach your kids to live a healthy lifestyle is through example. Set a good example for your kids through your own habits and encourage them to make healthy choices for themselves. Here are some powerful ways to teach your kids how to live a healthy lifestyle. Cook together You can involve your kids in the cooking process from about the time they start eating solid foods. Naturally, at this point, they’re more playing...

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The Amazing Beauty Benefits of Seaweed You Haven’t Heard Yet

Sea salt isn’t the only way to reap the benefits of the ocean’s beautifying—not to mention, healing properties. Rich in antioxidants and other beauty-benefiting vitamins and minerals, seaweed is a force to be reckoned with. Seaweed is a powerful anti-aging ingredient that can regenerate and protect the skin. Curious to know more? Here are the beauty benefits of seaweed—plus, our favorite products formulated with this superstar ingredient ahead. Contains anti-inflammatory benefits Seaweed is an excellent anti-inflammatory ingredient and can help reduce inflammation caused by acne.  Seaweed contains an anti-inflammatory complex carbohydrate called fucoidan. Research has demonstrated the health benefits of brown algae consumption, including anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-cancer properties. Try: Global Seafood Seaweed Supplements Help keep rosacea under control In addition to reducing acne inflammation, seaweed can also help keep...