4 Good Reasons Men Need to Pay More Attention to Their Health

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4 Good Reasons Men Need to Pay More Attention to Their Health

Studies upon studies have shown that men generally pay less attention to their health compared to women. That’s why many people consider men to be the weaker sex when it comes to health concerns.

Men aren’t so proactive with their health as they’re used to visiting the doctor only after something has happened. They’re also generally less aware of their health statuses and are known to be less adherent to treatments.

Maybe that’s the way men are wired, and there’s nothing we can really do to change human nature, but they need to do more to improve their health conditions. This is because as much as the health choices they make affect them and everyone around them.

For example, if they get an infection and then fail to treat it properly, the people around them also risk getting the infection. And that’s the more reason why they have to play it safe and not endanger everyone else.

If you’re wondering why men should pay more attention to their health, here are 4 good reasons to consider.

Impaired sexual and reproductive health

Sexual and reproductive health is an important aspect of human wellbeing. The reproductive organs are crucial for improved reproductive health and must be properly cared for. It starts with maintaining regular hygiene and eating a healthy diet to practicing safe sex and conducting a physical examination on the organs.

A lot of male reproductive issues are caused by negligence. The penis, for instance, is vulnerable to diseases and infections that cause strange growths or deformation and if these conditions are not detected early enough, they could bring about much pain and discomfort. A typical example is Peyronie’s disease that is characterized by focal scarring and penile curvature. In many cases, many men are not even aware that they have this disease until significant damage has been made and erection becomes painful.

Premature mortality

It is a known fact that men rarely use healthcare facilities the way women do. This makes them more susceptible to premature death than women. Females find it easier to visit the clinic and by the time they’re 16, they’re already familiar with their bodies and seek adequate medical attention for improved health.

On the other hand, their male counterparts have to be forced to visit the clinic even when they are ill or have serious injuries. Again, men are more disposed to risky behaviors and aggressiveness which are sometimes due to their biological makeup. That’s why men are more likely to die through accidents, homicide, and suicide.

The health gap is wide

According to Harvard Men’s Health Watch, there’s a huge gender gap between men and women. In terms of longevity, the life expectancy of women is notably higher than that of men and women live longer than men. 

Although a lot of these conditions are brought about by biological, social and behavioral factors, the gaps could be reduced greatly reduced if men pay more attention to their health. Healthy eating habits, regular exercise, regular medical check-ups, alcohol reduction, and reducing risky behaviors are some of the top ways to close the gaps.

Nutritional deficiencies

Generally, men are known to have more nutritional deficiencies in all the age groups. They tend to pay less attention to their diet and its quality which could lead to poor eating habits and nutritional deficits. 

In addition, a lot of men are at a higher risk of having chronic illnesses at a younger age than women. A research work published by a group of health experts reveals that the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in younger adults and males compared to older participants and females. 

For this reason, it is advised that men take in food rich in Vitamins especially in their old age. Examples of common vitamins that men require are Vitamin D (for strong muscles and bones), Vitamin C (for healthy aging), Vitamin B12 (for a healthy nervous system).

In conclusion, for men to bridge the gaps and live more healthily, they need to do more for themselves and make their health a priority. Males should increase their level of health consciousness & awareness and also understand that their lifestyle choices have an immense impact on their health. Ultimately, they must realize that having good health isn’t to their benefit alone, it’s for the general good of everybody.

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