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3 Stellar Ways to Stay Active While Watching Your Favorite Television Shows

A decade ago TV enthusiasts were stuck with basic cable or paying a premium for television from a dish such as Dish Network or DirecTv. Viewers would set reminders in their phones or make sure to be in front of the television every Wednesday at 7 pm to watch their favorite show. Those were the days. Right? Nope. Today’s world has shifted so much from the traditional way of watching TV.  We now have streaming options such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Movies/TV, Hulu, Vudu, Sony Crackle, Tubi, Crunchvroll, and probably a hundred more. Point of all this is each and every year the United States ranks highly in the worlds list of obese countries. Not only is it because the lifestyle we live, but because generations have...


The Benefits Of Using A Pedometer In Achieving Your Fitness Goals

All of us have our fitness goals. Experts say that at least 30 minutes of active exercise in a day will help us live a healthier lifestyle. But a lot of us go beyond that – which is even better! We go running, hiking, bicycling – whatever it is we do, we have goals. Along with these goals are gadgets to help us track our progress, and even set our goals. One of these gadgets is the pedometer! Here’s a list of some of the benefits of pedometers in attaining our fitness goals: It Keeps You Motivated Let's be real and honest. No matter how much of a fitness addict you are, there are some days when you don't just feel it. But you can't stop! Using...


5 Ways to Spice up Your Strength Training Routine

It is not easy to make your exercise routines exciting for a long time. You might feel like a week is amazing, the second week is okay, and the third does not give you the satisfaction that was the driving force of you making your way to the gym in the first place. There are plenty of ways you can change your regime without compromising on the intensity of it and ensuring that it does not bore you out. Check out these amazing ways you can stay motivated and bust boredom during your workout. Change Your Routine So many of us feel we are stuck in the general exercise routine that we did years ago. It’s the same sets, the same reps, and the most disheartening -...

10 Must Do Exercises This Season

10 Must Do Exercises This Season

By Nicole Infante Summer is officially over and Fall has begun! Don't let the colder weather get in the way of your workouts. These 10 workouts are great for building strength and working the whole body. Don't have a gym membership No problem, do these exercises in the comfort of your own home! Overhead Press This exercise mainly focuses on shoulders but also is focused on our core. Without a strong core, we are more prone to injury and backaches/pain. Tricep Overhead Extension Focuses on the muscle in the back of our arms, also called triceps. The triceps are made up of three muscles so always do at least one more exercise when lifting biceps (front of the arm) and triceps. Tricep Kickbacks Another exercise that focuses on the back of...

How Exercise and Weight Training can Help Slow the Aging Process

How Exercise and Weight Training can Help Slow the Aging Process

Whether we like it or not, aging is a natural part of our life cycle as human beings. However, there are a number of influences that can have an impact on how quickly we age. Many people already know that factors like food and healthy (or unhealthy) habits can have an impact on how they age, but what they don't realize is that exercise also plays a significant role. In fact, with regular weight training and other fitness efforts, individuals can not only access the best weight loss programs around, but they can also reverse the aging process, making sure they live happier, healthier, and longer lives. Combine your regular workout with the right training accessories, and who knows what you could accomplish? Benefits of Exercise Can...


Get Fit Using Your Furniture At Home – Here’s What You Need To Do

You understand the importance of exercising to keep yourself physically fit and healthy, your hectic schedules and tight lifestyle just won’t allow it. Good news though, you can now sweat and burn unwanted calories right at the comfort of your home. No need for you to drive to hit your local gym and score a great workout. Well, who needs heavy types of equipment when you can just use your furniture at home? There are pieces of furniture that you can use as workout tools that will yield the same results like actual gym equipment. According to Chris Freytag, a C.P.T. and the founder of Get Healthy U TV, time is the biggest hindrance to people and working out. He adds that working out at home is...


Cross Training: Why It’s A Good Idea to Change Things Up

Muscle confusion, or the practice of regularly changing up a training program, is a topic of heated debate in the fitness world. Some people swear by its ability to challenge the body and keep it guessing, while others believe switching gears too much makes it difficult to make progress with a certain lift, sport, or activity. Cross training—which means mixing different forms of conditioning, strength training, and flexibility—is all about balance. By practicing yoga one day and running the next, for example, it’s easier to stay motivated. Incorporating different equipment and levels of intensity can reduce injury risk, improve overall fitness, and even increase weight loss. Check out the infographic below to learn more about cross training and how you can get started.        ...


How hard should you push your child in sports?

There are significant benefits of playing a sport for kids. Firstly, it’s fun! It’s also a chance to learn new skills and keep fit at the same time. And studies show that children who engage in sport are less likely to perform poorly in school, to become obese, and to turn to drugs and alcohol. But while you may know all that, it can be hard to get your children to understand, and you might experience them being less enthusiastic or motivated than you want them to be. So, what should you do? Should you push them? And how pushy is too pushy? If you want some guidance, we’ve broken it down for you into three key categories: Supporting, Positive Pushing, and Negative Pushing. Take a look… Supporting: Getting...


Tips To Get A Killer Gym Body Without Going To The Gym

Everyone in the world wants to get a killer gym body which will make look great in the crowd, but hardly people want to work on their body to get a strong body. Everyone look for easy ways to get a toned body, but they shouldn't forget that it takes a lot of hard work to get a sexy body. Most of the people fail to achieve a good physique because they consume a good amount of junk food on a daily basis which doesn't benefit the body. However, there are much genuine that restricts people from hitting the gym. Generally, people think they can't achieve a good tone physique without hitting the gym, but there are few tricks which can lead the way to a...