Natural Remedies Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Natural Remedies Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

Natural Remedies Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

Here are some of the top natural remedies for the conditions listed in the table of contents below.

Natural remedies are not only pure and beneficial to the body, but also help treat a lot of illnesses and conditions faster than any antibiotic. Products like Kratom, sold on and similar websites, are becoming a popular option when it comes to treating pain and even anxiety symptoms.

Many of the natural remedies that you will find in this guide have been used for hundreds of years and have been tested and scientifically proven to work.


I am pretty sure that almost everybody has had an earache at least one time in their life and you know as well as I do they can be a very painful, uncomfortable, and irritable condition to have.

Earaches can make it very hard to sleep, can take on associated symptoms such as headaches, swollen jaws, and even vomiting.  Adults most commonly acquire an earache through a swimmer’s ear but babies and small children can acquire an earache quite often.

However, earaches can also be a sign of an infection somewhere else in your body, so be sure to check in with your regular physician if your earache accompanies a fever or persists for more than 3-4 days.

Here are the top natural home remedies that you can try that will help you with the pain of an earache as well as treatment and prevention from an earache.

  • Take one to two teaspoons of chamomile flowers and place them in a pain with one cup of water. Boil and steep the flowers for around 10-15 minutes.  After you have steeped the chamomile flowers in the boiling water strain the water and place the hot flowers in a cloth and place it on the ear that is sore.  Leave the cloth on the ear for 15-20 minutes at a time.  You will soon find that your earache is in the works of clearing up in little to no time.
  • Also, try taking peeling 2 cloves of garlic and then mixing the cut-up cloves with two teaspoons of mustard oil. You then heat the mixture until the garlic turns black.  Remove from heat and strain and allow the mixture to cool until it is lukewarm.  You then apply 3-4 drops into the ear using a cotton swab or dropper.  This can help with many of the symptoms associated with an earache, mostly with the pain you receive due to an earache.
  • By mixing some garlic oil with around 3 drops of grape seed extract and then dropping the mixture into the affected ear. This is a tested and proven way to alleviate a ton of earache pain.
  • You can also try taking a few whole basil leaves and then grind them into a blender or juicer to make it into juice.  Then you will want to place two drops of the basil leaf juice inside the affected ear.  This is a major pain reducer and also helps with the reduction of fever.  You can also try this with the juice of garlic.  After blending garlic cloves in a blender or juicer you will take several drops of the garlic juice in a dropper and place the mixture in the affected ear.  This is also great for pain and also works as a natural antibiotic and has been tested and proven to be extremely effective towards earaches that are caused by an infection in the ear.
  • You can also try placing a few drops of warm olive oil, tea tree oil, mineral oil, or sweet oil into the ear that is infected or aching. These specific oils can most commonly be found in your local pharmacy or health and nutritional stores and have been used for ages for the relief of earache pain.
  • You may also want to try taking one teaspoon of sesame oil and adding a clove of garlic to the oil. You will then want to heat up the mixture until the mixture becomes lukewarm.  Then want to place anywhere from 3-4 drops of the mixture into the ear that has the earache and then lie on your side for around 10-15 minutes
  • Take 1-2 tablespoons of mustard oil and place in a pan. Take a small radish and chop it into small-medium pieces.  Add the chopped radish to the mustard oil and warm the mixture gently.  Then place a couple of drops of the mixture into the affected ear.  This can help majorly with your earache pain.
  • You can also warm the leaves of a mango in a small amount of water. You then take the juice from the mango leaves and place a few drops into the affected ear.  This will help with the pain and discomfort associated with your earache also.
  • Another old home remedy that has been used for many years is by taking a capful of hydrogen peroxide and places it into the affected ear. The ear will fizz and bubble, this is normal.  Peroxide is really good for clearing up any infections and allows the ear to dry out.  You can also mix the peroxide half and half with water.  Make sure to let the ear drain after applying the peroxide.
  • You may also want to try cutting up a piece of garlic and wrapping it with a piece of a cotton ball. Then immerse the cotton ball with alcohol.  You will then squeeze the excess alcohol and put it in the ear that is hurting.  This is a very effective home remedy that will clear the pain and discomfort due to an earache.
  • You can also try to immerse half of a cotton ball in olive oil. Then place the cotton ball in the microwave for around 15-20 seconds until the cotton ball is warm, not hot.  You will then squeeze out the excess oil from the cotton ball so that the cotton ball is dampened by the oil. Place the cotton ball in the affected ear and let it stay in for around 15-20 minutes.  You can repeat this procedure continuously throughout the day for your earache and to help with the pain.


A toothache can be a very painful experience for anyone to have to suffer with.  On top of all that many people fear going to the dentist.  Keep in mind that most of the time the reason for a person getting a toothache is either due to an infection or a problem with the tooth or jaw.

For that reason, if your toothache is persistent for more than 3 or 4 days you will need to consult with your dentist.  Another big sign to head on over to the dentist is if a fever is incorporated with the toothache.  This is another sign of infection and could turn into a life-threatening condition also.

However, there are some natural home remedies that you can try to ease the pain and discomfort experienced by a toothache.

Below are the top natural home remedies that have been used for many years and have been tested and proven to help with the symptoms associated with a toothache.

  • Garlic is a very common and very effective home remedy to use to help with your toothache pain. Using a clove of garlic mixed with rock salt and then placed on the affected tooth can bring your tooth instant relief.  Sometimes this very home remedy can even cure your toothache.  You can also try chewing a garlic clove, preferably in the morning and then periodically through the day when the toothache pain starts to persist.
  • Another useful home remedy to help with your aches and pains of a tooth is by taking a small piece of onion and placing it on the sore tooth or gum. Onions have antibacterial properties and will not only help ease the pain of your aching tooth but also help kill germs and bacteria present in the affected tooth and the mouth.
  • You can also take drops of vanilla extract and apply them to the affected tooth for instant relief in pain and a very effective home remedy to cure your toothache.
  • An old home remedy that has been used for ages is by mixing some pepper powder with table salt and then rubbing the mixture on the affected tooth. This home remedy can also be useful if used daily.  By using this method daily helps with the prevention of any reoccurring toothaches as well as prevents any cavities forming in the tooth.
  • Another great home remedy for curing your toothache blues is by melting 1 teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water. After mixing the two ingredients you can then use the mixture as a mouth wash.  This cleans away infections in both the tooth and the mouth.  Keep in mind infection is the leading source of pain.
  • You may also want to try taking turmeric sticks and burning them making them a fine powder. Place the powder on the aching tooth and can see almost instant relief to your tooth pain.
  • Limes are also a very powerful preventative as can also help with pains associated with toothaches. Limes can prevent cavities, bleeding of gums, tooth decay, and also any loosening of the teeth.
  • You may also want to try taking Asafoetida grounded and mixing it into lemon juice. Simply take the mixture and heat.  After the mixture has warmed, you can then take a cotton swab and soak it with the mixture.  Rub the cotton swab on the affected tooth and you will find that you now have instant relief from your aching tooth.
  • Another great home remedy you can try is mixing the bark of bayberry and some vinegar. Take a cotton swab and soak it in the mixture and then rub the cotton swab on the affected tooth.  This will not only help alleviate tooth pain but also helps strengthen your gums.
  • One of the most popular home remedies for a toothache is clove. Clove consists of clove oil, which helps in the relief of pain almost instantly, and also contains properties of antiseptics.  If you don’t have any clove oil you can also grind up a clove and then apply the powder to the affected tooth.  This natural home remedy has been used for hundreds of years and has been proven to help reduce the pain you suffer associated with a toothache.
  • Using the oil of oregano can also provide you with instant toothache pain.
  • Drinking the juice of star fruit can also help get relief to your aching tooth. Simply consume the juice at least two times a day and you will be surprised at the relief you get, from such a tasty juice.
  • You can also create a very powerful mouthwash by taking the juice of wheatgrass that not only helps to prevent tooth decay but also has been proven to cure most common toothaches. The wheat draws out toxins that are present in your gums and helps prevent any growth of bacteria in the mouth and teeth.

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

A urinary tract infection, or UTI, is a very painful, uncomfortable, and irritating infection to have.  UTI’s most commonly affects more women than men.  A UTI is a bacterial infection that is most commonly started with E-coli entering the bladder.

Although some infections can be present in a bladder and the body naturally flushes it out, there are occurrences where there is a backup of infection, therefore causing a person to have a UTI.  There are many ways to treat a UTI and many find that home remedies work better and clear up UTIs faster and more effectively than prescriptions.

Another staggering note is that over 25% of people that use prescriptions to clear up their UTI symptoms have a reoccurring UTI within a few months, proving that home remedies are the way to go when it comes to treating your UTI symptoms.

Note that if your symptoms persist for more than 5-7 days after home treatment has been used that you will need to contact your regular physician for further conditions.

Here are a few home remedies that you can try to help cure common symptoms associated with UTIs.

  • One of the most popular forms of curing a UTI is by drinking unsweetened cranberry juice. Drinking unsweetened cranberry juice regularly can also help fight against E-coli bacteria from forming in your bladder.  For best results, you will want to consume at least 4-6 glasses per day when you are suffering from a UTI.  Drinking 1-2 glasses each day when you don’t have a UTI will successfully prevent you from recurrent UTIs in the future.
  • You may also want to try using alfalfa in your treatment plan for your UTI symptoms. You can buy alfalfa in the form of juice concentrate and can rid toxins from your body, bladder, and urinary tract, as well as increases the flow of urine.  The alfalfa juice helps improve kidney function, which is a must when trying to fight off infections in your urinary tract and bladder.  You can also try incorporating both alfalfa juice and cranberry extract tablets and get a double dose of fighting for your UTI.
  • Another great home remedy for helping you with your UTI symptoms is Zinc and Vitamin C. You can find these supplements at your local pharmacy and at nutritional stores also.  Normally a person should take 3000 mg of Vitamin C and 3 Zinc lozenges per day to fight off their UTI.  Zinc and Vitamin C booth help boost your immune system as well as helps fight off bacterial infections quickly.
  • You can also try drinking a mixture of half of a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water when your symptoms of a UTI first start to occur. This can prevent a UTI from even forming.
  • You need to also increase your water intake dramatically during a UTI. This means drinking a minimum of 8-10 glasses per day.  Water is the most effective and natural way to flush out your entire body of bacteria.  The quicker you are able to flush out bacteria in your bladder and urinary tract the faster your symptoms will subside.
  • Another great way to reduce the pain and discomfort from a UTI is by placing a heating pad or even a hot water bottle covered by a towel and placing it on your abdomen. The heat will provide you with pain relief due to associated UTI symptoms.
  • There are also certain fruits and vegetables that have been proven to flush out your body and helps rid your body of bad bacteria from forming. During the course of your UTI, you will want to make sure that some of the foods listed are used in your meal plan.  The fruits and vegetables included are green beans, apples, carrots, squash, grapes, pears, broccoli, onions, potatoes, spinach, avocados, and zucchini.
  • Keep in mind that during the course of your UTI that you avoid wearing tight undergarments or jeans. Make sure to wear only cotton underwear and don’t use perfumed products in your vaginal area as this will cause more irritation.
  • Make sure that even though it may be hard and painful to urinate, that you don’t resist your urge to urinate. Remember that you are trying to get rid of the bacteria that formed in your bladder and the only true way to get rid of the bacteria is through urination.  The more frequent flow of urination you have during the course of a UTI the faster the bacteria can be cleansed from the bladder and urinary tract, the faster you will get to the road of recovery from your UTI.

Yeast Infections

Statistics show that women, in particular, will have at least one yeast infection in their life.  Although yeast infections can occur in men, women are notably the most common victims of yeast infection.

A yeast infection is a fungus that forms when the good bacteria is taken over by bad bacteria.  The good bacteria present in your body helps balance the yeast, so when the good bacteria are taken over bad bacteria; yeast starts to build and forms a yeast infection.

This is a very painful and uncomfortable condition and can actually be caused by prescription antibiotics also.  Some women will find themselves with a yeast infection after the duration of their antibiotics.

This is why most women find themselves turning to home remedies to cure their yeast infections first before running to the doctor.

Here are a few of the tops home remedies you can use to help your yeast infection symptoms quickly and effectively.


This is one of the most powerful and most effective sources of killing yeast present in the body.  This home remedy has been used for many years and has since been tested and proven to really work and actually clears up a yeast infection.

You will need garlic cloves or garlic tablets, which can be picked up at your local pharmacy or nutritional store.  Now, this may sound crazy, but you insert one garlic tablet or one garlic clove into the vagina every few hours or on an as-needed basis to soothe the pain.

Another remedy that you can use with garlic is taking a clove of garlic and crushing it, then place the crushed garlic in a boiling cup of water.

Let the mixture boil around 10-15 minutes and then strain the garlic. Consume the garlic water while the mixture is lukewarm.  Garlic is used to cure a lot of conditions and illnesses and will help you greatly in the treatment of a yeast infection.  Garlic acts as a natural antibiotic and fights against bad bacteria and yeast also.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Another great home remedy that helps with the treatment of a yeast infection is apple cider vinegar.  Apple cider vinegar kills yeast and has been tested and proven to also help with pain relief from the symptoms of a yeast infection.

Simply take about a cup of apple cider vinegar and place it in a lukewarm bath.  Relax and lay in a nice warm bath for about 20 minutes.  This can not only help clear up a yeast infection but relaxes you and soothes your pain from the yeast infection.


This has properties of good bacteria and good bacteria is what fights off yeast… so why not load your body up with good bacteria to help treat a yeast infection.

However, it does matter what type of yogurt you consume.  It is the plain yogurt that is unsweetened that contains the most properties of good bacteria.

Sugar only feeds yeast, so it is very important that the yogurt that you consume has no sugar added.  Consuming a cup of yogurt at least 2-3 times a day will help immensely with the pain and treatment of a yeast infection.  You can also try your hand at making your own homemade yogurt.

This holds a great benefit because when you make your own yogurt you can choose what type of milk to use and using soy or almond milk greatly helps in destroying unwanted yeast in your body.

Tea Tree Oil

This can also be used as a home remedy for yeast infections.  First, you will want to mix the tea tree oil with rubbing alcohol.  You then want to take a dropper and fill it with the solution and then insert and apply the solution to the affected area internally.

You can also use a tampon if you prefer by soaking the tampon in the mixture and then inserting the tampon into the affected area.

If you are using the tampon method make sure to only leave the tampon inserted for at least 2 hours. You can apply the mixture 1-2 times a day and until the course of the yeast infection has subsided.  This also helps with soothing the pain due to the symptoms of the yeast infection.

Useful Treatment Tips

  • You can also try mixing olive leaf extract with some grapefruit seed extract in a glass of water and consume the mixture 2-3 times a day. Both of the extracts help fight against infection and yeast as well.  Another great home remedy that you can try that involves extracts is taking a cranberry extract or a cranberry blueberry extract and mix it with a glass of water.  You can also consume this mixture 2-3 times a day.  These two extracts also work as good antioxidants along with the fight against yeast.
  • You may also want to try drinking at least 2 glasses of buttermilk per day. This home remedy can not only help in the treatment of a yeast infection but also can act as a preventive one if you have yeast infections that are reoccurring. Incorporate plain yogurt and a glass of buttermilk for the treatment of your yeast infection and watch your symptoms drift away.
  • Another great home remedy that is very effective in the treatment of a yeast infection is by applying baby oil that has Aloe Vera and Vitamin E in it to the affected area. This will not only soothe the irritation due to the yeast infection and will also reduce the itching symptom caused by the yeast infection.
  • During the course of the yeast infection make sure to wear loose fighting jeans or bottoms and only cotton underwear. This will reduce a lot of unneeded irritation.

Poison Ivy

This is a very common condition that people acquire when they get close to a poison ivy plant.  Poison Ivy contains urushiol, which the plant uses to protect itself from foraging animals.  However, urushiol is very harmful to humans and is a skin irritant.

Some people may not be affected by poison ivy even if they are in direct contact while others can just look at poison ivy and contract the irritating and itchy rashes associated with poison ivy.

For those who are blessed with the ability to contract poison ivy… have no fear, there are some natural home remedies that can help your poison ivy symptoms and also treat the skin condition as well.  Here are the top home remedies for poison ivy.


This is a very common home remedy used to help with the treatment and helps with the symptoms of poison ivy.  The oatmeal provides not only a soothing sensation to the affected area or areas but also leaves a white powdery finish that helps dry out the poison ivy rashes and speeds up the treatment rate.

You can use oatmeal in two different ways, an oatmeal bath or applying an oatmeal paste to the affected area or areas.  Use the bath method, simply pour a whole box of oatmeal into the warm bath water and soak in the bath for at least 20-30 minutes.

Make sure that when you get out of the bathtub that you do not dry yourself off, leaving the powdery residue will help dry out the rashes more quickly.  You can also try the other method by applying oatmeal directly to the rashes.

In this method, you will want to mix 3 cups of oats in a bowl of boiling water.  The oatmeal and water will create a paste-like consistency.  When the paste is warm enough to tolerate, apply the paste to the affected areas.

You can also add 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda to also help with itching.  Using the oatmeal home remedy provides you with instant relief from itching almost immediately.

Baking Soda

This is a classic and commonly used home remedy to help with the symptoms of poison ivy as well as helps treat poison ivy outbreaks also.  Like the oatmeal, you can form a paste out of baking soda and then apply it to the affected area or areas.

Take three teaspoons of baking soda and mix it with one teaspoon of clean sterile water.  This will form a thick paste.  Apply the paste to the rashes and allow the paste to dry.  This helps treat the watery blisters and also helps alleviate the itching sensation.


Another home remedy that you can try to treat your poison ivy is by using a skin wash with Goldenseal. In this home remedy, you will need to mix a tablespoon of powdered goldenseal root with a cup of lukewarm to hot water.

This will make a paste similar to oatmeal and baking soda.  After the mixture cools down apply the goldenseal treatment to all of the affected areas.  This herb has anti-inflammatory properties and also rapidly dries up the poison ivy blisters and rashes.

Note that this home remedy can also be used in cases of poison oak and can provide instant itching relief.

Salt and Aloe Vera

This is a home remedy that has been used for many years and has been proved to be very effective in the treatment of poison ivy.  There are however a couple of steps to go by when performing this home remedy.

You will first want to wash the affected area or areas with rubbing alcohol and then wash the area with soap and warm water.  Then you will pour plain table salt onto all of the affected areas and leave it on the rashes for 5-10 minutes.

The salt not only will help to reduce the chances of the poison ivy spreading but also helps with any other further infections as well as helps with itching relief also.  After you have let the salt stand on the rashes you will then wash off the salt from the affected areas and apply a heavy coat of Aloe Vera onto the rashes.

This will provide you with immediate cooling as well as provides you with instant relief from itching and also to any burning sensations.

Banana Peels

This is another home remedy that has been tested and proven to provide you with instant itching relief. Simply take the peels from a banana and rub the inner side of the peel of the banana over the affected area or areas. You will be surprised by the instant and immediate relief you receive by using this home remedy.


Vitamin C and E help dramatically in the treatment of poison ivy.  Both Vitamin C and Vitamin E can be taken in large doses and acts as a detoxifier and an antihistamine.  What you will want to do in this home remedy is dissolve a Vitamin C or E tablet in warm water and then washing the affected areas.

Squeezing the juice from a lemon or orange is also an effective wash to use. Just simply dabbing the mixture on the affected areas does the trick also.

Useful Treatment Tips

  • You may also want to try applying garlic oil or olive oil. Both oils can dry out rashes as well as provide relief to your itching symptoms.
  • Washing the affected areas with running water can also help in the skin itching and will also help wash away histamines.
  • Apple cider vinegar and white vinegar also helps draw out poison ivy and also give relief to poison ivy symptoms. Apply both kinds of vinegar directly to all affected rashes and immediate itching relief and treatment will start.


People can always find fun in the sun… except when they get too much sun.  Sunburns can be one of the most miserable conditions to have because they can affect huge amounts of your body… especially if you have been out in the sun in a bathing suit.

Not only is a sunburn painful but it also makes it uncomfortable to sleep, wear clothing, or even touching or rubbing the skin.  However, there are some home remedies that can help you with treating and catering to your symptoms from sunburns.

Below are the top home remedies that have been tested and proven to help with sunburn conditions and pain.


This has been used for many years to treat sunburns.  The lactic acid and fat that is found in milk are properties that are known to have soothing qualities for sunburned skin.  In this home remedy, you will want to soak a soft cloth or towel in cool milk.

After the cloth or towel has been soaked you want to carefully apply it onto the areas that are sunburned.  Follow this procedure for 15-20 minutes and then rinse off with cool water.  Make sure that the milk that you are using is whole milk, due to the amount of fat it contains compared to skim or 2% milk.

The amount of fat found in the milk does make a difference in the effect of this home remedy.

Aloe Vera

This has to be the most effective and most common home remedy used for sunburns.  Aloe Vera not only gives your skin soothing pain relief but also helps in the treatment of your sunburn.  You can take the gel extract from an Aloe Vera plant directly or you can also find Aloe Vera gel at your local pharmacy.

Make sure that when purchasing over-the-counter Aloe Vera gel or cream that it contains a high concentration of Aloe Vera than it does water or other solutions.

However, the most effective form is using the gel extract straight from an Aloe Vera plant.  Simply apply the gel to the affected area and use the gel as needed for pain relief until the sunburn subsides.


This can also help you with pain relief as well as the treatment of sunburns. When using water in a home remedy always remember to use cold water. Your skin is already burnt and does not need any more heat applied to it than it already has.

There are a couple of different things that you do to you can do during bath time that will help with your sunburn symptoms.  You can simply take a cold bath keeping the affected areas submerged underwater for 15-20 minutes.  If the areas underneath your eyes and cheeks are affected you can take slices of cucumbers, tomatoes, or potatoes, or tea bags can be applied to help with pain and healing.

You can also add half of a teaspoon of vinegar to a bucket of cold water.  Soak either a soft cloth or towel in the mixture and apply it directly to the affected areas.  You can also use equal parts of water and milk and get the same effects for sunburn relief.

Another great home remedy using cold bathwater is by adding 5-6 tablespoons of oatmeal to a cold bath.  Keep your body submerged in the cool water and oatmeal for around 15-20 minutes.

Not only will this method reduce the irritation of the skin but also helps treat and heal the sunburn also.  You may also want to try using a few drops of peppermint oil and adding them to your coo bath water for instant pain relief.

Cucumber Juice

This is very powerful in the fight against inflammation and redness to the skin.  It also moisturizes the damaged skin and replenishes the new skin post sunburn.  In this home remedy, you take a tablespoon of cucumber juice and mix it with a tablespoon of milk.

Soak a towel or soft cloth with the solution and then apply it to the affected areas.  You can find cucumber juice at your local grocery or nutritional store.

Lettuce and Cabbage

These are both natural and beneficial home remedies that can help treat your sunburn.  Simply take refrigerated lettuce or cabbage leaves and apply them to the skin that is affected.  Almost instantly you should feel relief and helps in the healing process.

Sugarless Tea

This is also a great home remedy that helps soothe and relieve the pain and discomfort to the affected skin.  The reason for this is because tea has an active ingredient of tannin.  Simply brew some tea and allow it to cool.

After the tea has cooled completely you will then want to take either a soft towel or cloth and soak it with the tea.  Dab the areas of skin that are affected by the sunburn.  Be sure to keep the used teabags because you can use these for the more sensitive areas such as the eyes.

Useful Treatment Tips

  • You may also want to try rubbing mustard oil on the burnt areas of the skin. After you have rubbed all affected areas, allow the mustard oil to dry.  This can take away a lot of the heat due to the sunburn.
  • You can also apply sandalwood paste to the affected areas of the skin. This has been used for many years to relieve the pain and discomfort due to sunburns.
  • Mixing one part tomato juice and six parts buttermilk to affected areas of skin can not only help with the pain and discomfort but also helps heal the burns themselves. Allow the mixture to dry.  Then wash the mixture after 25-30 minutes.
  • Another well-known home remedy for sunburn relief is doing Epsom salt compressions to the affected areas of skin and watch your sunburn symptoms diminish


Ringworm is a fungal infection that can affect almost anyone who comes in contact with it.  You can contract ringworm on literally any part of your body and they can also be very hard to get rid of and can take up to 4 weeks to completely go away.

However, more and more people have found that using home remedies to clear up the fungal infection is more effective than even prescription medication.  Here are some of the most popular home remedies to treat ringworm.

Athlete’s Foot Spray

This is a very commonly known home remedy to clear up ringworm.  You can get athlete’s foot spray at any sporting goods store or your local pharmacy.  Simply spray the athlete’s foot spray on the affected area.

You can do this procedure often and should be performed on a daily basis until the ringworm has completely cleared.  You can also bandage the ringworm to make sure that you do not pass it to anyone else but you also want to make sure to let it air out also.

Athlete’s foot spray contains properties to kill and fight against fungal infections including ringworm.  You will find that this will clear the ringworm up very quickly and in little, to no time you will be rid of the ringworm completely.

Holy Basil

Another great home remedy that has been used for many years is using holy basil to treat ringworm.  Simply extract the juice from the leaves of basil and then apply it to the area of skin that has the ringworm.  Keep applying the solution until the ringworm is cleared completely.

Mustard Seed

This can aid in the treatment of ringworm.  Simply take powdered mustard seed and mix it with water.  Stir the mixture until it forms a thick paste.  Once the paste has formed apply it to the affected area of the skin.  You will want to leave the paste on the ringworm for at least 30-35 minutes.  You can then wash the affected area with cool water.


This is a very powerful treatment for ringworm and can be all performed in the comforts of your own home.  Taking the juice from fresh raw turmeric can not only help with the fight against the fungal infection but can also clear the ringworm in little to no time.

You can use this home remedy as an oral treatment or by applying a mixture to the affected area.  To make the oral solution, simply take one teaspoon of turmeric juice and mix it with a teaspoon of honey.  Take this mixture every morning until the fungal infection is cleared.

To use this home remedy as a mixture to apply to the affected skin, simply apply the turmeric juice directly to the ringworm.  You will see results very quickly and can also be used in the prevention of ringworm in the early stages.

Aloe Vera

This is very well-known for the treatment of many different skin conditions, even ringworm.  You can use Aloe Vera gel or by taking Aloe Vera directly from the plant.  Aloe Vera not only heals the affected area of skin but also alleviates any of the itching sensations due to the fungal infection.

Apply the Aloe Vera very generously throughout the day and repeat the process until the fungal infection is completely cleared up.

Spinach and Carrot Juice

Both have properties to help kill many types of fungal infections, ringworm in particular.  Simply mix equal parts of spinach juice and carrot juice and apply the mixture to the affected area or areas.  Do this several times during the day until the ringworm is completely cleared.

Lemon and Lime

These also work hand in hand in the treatment of ringworm.  Simply squeeze half of a lime and half of a lemon into a dish.  Soak a clean cloth or towel with the mixture and apply it to the affected area.  You should follow this procedure at least 2 times a day.  This can potentially treat the fungal infection in less than a week.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This is also a very well-known and commonly used home remedy for ringworm.  Simply soak a cotton ball or band-aid in the apple cider vinegar and then apply it to the affected area.  Make sure to keep this on the affected area and reapply at least 2-3 times a day.

This is a fast-acting home remedy that can also have your ringworm cleared up and gone in just a couple of nights.

Potato Slices

You may also want to try another popular home remedy that involves potato slices.  Simply apply a slice of a potato to the affected area every night before bed.  You may want to tape the potato slice to the area of affected skin so that it can constantly be on the ringworm the whole time you are sleeping.

By doing this home remedy you can expect to see results in as little as 2-3 days.

Goldenseal Powder

This is also a home remedy that can clear up many fungal infections including ringworm.  Simply take a small amount of goldenseal powder and apply it to water.  Mix until a thick paste has formed.  Apply the paste directly to the affected area and allow the paste to dry.

Perform this home remedy several times during the day until the fungal infection is completely cleared up.


This is another home remedy that people have found to clear up ringworm.  Simply apply iodine to the affected areas of skin and allow it to dry.  You will need to apply the iodine at least 3 times a day.  Within days you will see your fungal infection completely diminished.

Tea Tree Oil

This can also be applied to the affected area by soaking a cotton ball or q-tip in the tea tree oil and then applying it to the affected areas of skin.  You will however need to dilute with a small amount of water.


Cut slices of papaya and place them on the affected area of skin.  Leave the slices on the affected area for at least 10-20 minutes.  Direct pulp contact is the key.


 Many people suffer from a hangover after a fun night in the town.  This leaves them wishing they had never touched it in the first place.  The symptoms associated with a hangover include excruciating pain in your head, almost like a classic migraine.

Many people look for the perfect home remedies to treat their symptoms of a hangover.  Here are the most popular and most commonly used home remedies for a hangover.

Vitamin C

This is a very effective way to get rid of a hangover very quickly.  Drinking lots of orange juice or any other citrus drink is the best way to recover from a hangover.  Your body will have dehydrated due to the alcohol consumption the night before and vitamin C is the key to rehydrating yourself.


This is also a good home remedy for hangover symptoms.  Honey is very high in fructose which is beneficial in breaking down alcohol.  Brewing hot tea flavored with lime juice and then sweetened with honey can dramatically help your hangover symptoms.

You can also consume a few tablespoons of honey the morning of your hangover and you will also receive relief from hangover symptoms as well. You do not want to use sugar because sugar contains sucrose which can absorb fructose.  Definitely, a no-no if you want your hangover symptoms to be relieved.

Bananas and Apples

These are also very effective in curing hangover symptoms.  These fruits naturally restore your body back to normal.  Bananas are a very effective home remedy because when a person drinks alcohol they have frequent urination, which only drains the body of potassium.

As we all know bananas are very rich in potassium and will dramatically restore your potassium levels back to normal.  Eating an apple is also very beneficial and can also relieve symptoms of a hangover.


This is also another home remedy that can be used to help aid your aching hangover.  Ginger naturally soothes the liner in your stomach and also alleviates any nausea that you might be having.  Simply boil slices of fresh ginger root in approximately 4 cups of water for around 10-15 minutes.

You then strain the ginger and then add the juice from one fresh orange as well as the juice from half of a lemon.  You can also add half of a cup of honey which will double your dose of a hangover symptom killer.

Consuming ginger ale can also give you the same benefits.  Drink at least 8 ounces of ginger ale early in the morning and you will find your hangover symptoms diminish to nothing.

Consuming Food

Although food is probably the last thing on your mind, it can be the best thing for you and your hangover symptoms.  Try eating a bowl of chicken broth and some plain toast.  This will absorb any alcohol leftover in your system and the chicken broth has properties to help get the body in balance and back to normal.  You can also try a small bowl of rice as it has high properties to defeat nausea as well as absorbs liquids very quickly.

Gatorade or Powerade

This home remedy is a simple and easy remedy to help ease your hangover symptoms.  Gatorade and PowerAde are packed with loads of nutrients and can help resupply your electrolytes.  When you consume alcohol your body is instantly dehydrated and a great way to rehydrate your body is by consuming these types of drinks.

These types of drinks also have properties to help give you energy.  If you have ever had a hangover you know that you feel very tired and weak.  Consuming Gatorade or PowerAde can aid in making you feel replenished and at the same time alleviates your hangover symptoms in little to no time at all.

Ice Compressions

Normally the biggest symptom associated with a hangover is a crushing headache.  This can easily be cured by applying ice-cold compresses.  Simply place some crushed ice into a plastic bag.

Wrap the plastic bag around your head with a towel.  You will want to make sure that you are applying the ice in the throbbing areas of your skull.  You can also soak a washcloth in cold water and then drape it over your forehead or simply lay back (which is more than likely what you would prefer to be doing anyway).

Leave the ice-cold compressions on for 15-20 minutes.  Repeat the process periodically until your headache diminishes.

“Hair of the Dog”

This is a very well-known and common home remedy that is used to cure a hangover.  This is a home remedy that has been used for many years and actually has been proven to work.

In this home remedy, although it might sound crazy, you will want to consume 1 alcoholic beverage, preferably a canned beer.  The trick is to only consume 1 alcoholic beverage and your hangover symptoms will clear.

Coffee and Pickle Juice

Both coffee and pickle juice has been proven to cure hangover symptoms.  However, when it comes to coffee you will want to make sure that you don’t add any sugar to it.  Instead, flavor your coffee with honey which also helps in the aid of a hangover.

Due to the vinegar in pickle juice, this is also a great home remedy for a hangover.  The vinegar in the pickle juice helps to flush out your bloodstream.  This means alleviating any presence of alcohol.


As simple as it may sound water is a great remedy for curing a hangover.  Like I said before hangovers are due to dehydration of the body so it is very important that you drink plenty of water to rehydrate yourself and also flush out the toxins in your system due to the alcohol.

Drink a few glasses of water before going to bed as well as when you wake up.

Drinking water before you go to bed will help dramatically because your body will be flushing itself while you are resting.  Make sure to consume at least 8-10 glasses of water the day of the hangover to help replenish your body and get your levels back in the normal range.

Raw Cabbage

It can also be used as a home remedy for treating a hangover.  Simply chew up pieces of raw cabbage to gain instant relief from a headache.  Try doing this periodically during the day because it also has properties to help with energy.  Using tomato juice and cabbage together can create a duo against symptoms of hangovers.


I hope these natural remedies help you with your common conditions.  Always remember, if your symptoms do not get better after 1-3 days or heal 5-7 days then contact your physician or go to a clinic or hospital for professional medical help.

To learn more remedies go to our home remedies guide.

Stacey Chillemi

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