Grocare Hernia Review: Healing Methods of Varicocele without Surgery

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Grocare Hernia Review: Healing Methods of Varicocele without Surgery

A varicocele is an abnormal growth or enlargement of veins enclosed in a loose pouch of skin(called scrotum). It contains your testicles( male reproductive gland). The pampiniform venous plexus and the internal spermatic vein of the scrotum appears swollen and resemble varicose veins of the leg. According to Grocare Varicocele, since few cases of varicocele can be associated with infertility, it is very important to know how to get rid of varicocele without surgery.

Why is varicocele formed?

The incidence of varicoceles is seen because of the obstructed blood flow in the spermatic cord. Current dietary trends and unhealthy lifestyle leads to imbalanced body pH and release of injurious toxins or unstable free radicals that tend to damage body cells around the scrotal valves.

Under normal circumstances, veins carry blood from the scrotal sac to the heart in an upward direction. But due to the increased accumulation of toxic reactive molecules, the scrotal valves get destroyed thereby interfering with the smooth blood flow resulting in an excessive collection of blood in scrotal veins forming a varicocele. 

Can a varicocele cause infertility?

The presence of pure blood is necessary to produce sperm. But with the changing era and dietary malpractice, around 10 to 15 of 100 men are prone to disturbances in the arteriovenous system. The altered exchange of blood to and from the scrotum can lead to the formation of more impure blood in testis.

Though all varicoceles initially do not hamper sperm production sometimes, dilatation of scrotal veins could be the major cause of low sperm count, shrunken testicles, and decreased motility of sperm which can cause infertility with due course of time. It takes about a few months to years for the veins to stop functioning and turn into a varicocele.

This type of condition may produce some discomfort but rarely hurts much. It gets noticed if you go for a routine examination and the doctor observes it. In a few cases, varicocele becomes painful ranging from dull to a sharp – shooting pain that might aggravate standing, exertion, and as the day passes. The intensity of pain decreases when you recline on your back.

How is a varicocele diagnosed?

An ultrasound or a sperm count analysis can confirm the severity of varicocele. It can be misdiagnosed as hydrocele(excessive fluid in the scrotum), hernia, or epididymitis(inflammation of the testis tube).

Is surgery the only choice of treatment?

All varicoceles may not demand treatment but those which cause sterility need to be managed well on time. Effective management of a varicocele includes complete removal of highly reactive free radicals or toxins accumulated within the cells that result in malfunctioning of the valves. And for this, one must adopt a healthy lifestyle and proper eating habits. 

So, the answer is that the surgery is not the first choice for managing a varicocele. 

Grocare Varicocele kit

For a better and natural cure, Grocare has formulated a combination of Oronerv (to address blood flow obstruction), Acidim ( for pH maintenance), and Activiz (to get rid of toxins). You are reliable on this Grocare Varicocele kit only until the varicocele persists. You can easily drop its intake once it gets cured since the chance for its recurrence is not reported yet. The body starts deriving the strength to heal itself without encountering any side effects.

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