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Drinking Essiac Tea Will Help You Manage Diabetes

The Complete Herbal Guide / Diabetes  / Drinking Essiac Tea Will Help You Manage Diabetes
Essiac Tea

Drinking Essiac Tea Will Help You Manage Diabetes

Controlling diabetes is a lifelong challenge. The body doesn’t make or use insulin well, so you feel tired all the time as if your body were depleted of energy. You can’t beat diabetes, but you can keep it under control. When it comes down to improving insulin sensitivity, it’s recommendable to drink lots and lots of tea. Tea, especially Essiac tea, is a very healthy drink. Essiac tea is an alternative treatment for many illnesses, including diabetes, helping the body return to normal and healthy functions. Individuals use this herbal tea to manage their disease and you should do the same. Do you want to know more about this miraculous liquid? If yes, continue reading.

What is Essiac tea, anyway?

Essiac tea has been the object of numerous discussions. Experts are simply amazed at how effective this drink is in terms of treating cancer, stimulating the immune system, eliminating inflammation, and improving pulmonary diseases. Let’s not forget about diabetes. Essiac tea has been around forever. Indigenous populations in Canada used to drink this herbal tea. However, it was used for the very first time in 1920 by a nurse called Rene Caisse. She was the one who rediscovered the natural formula. Essiac tea is a combination of roots, bark, and leaves. The four main ingredients are burdock root, sheep sorrel, slippery elm, and Indian Rhubarb root. Essiac tea hasn’t yet been approved as an official treatment for diabetes. The good news is that there is encouraging research.

Essiac tea and diabetes

If you’ve never tried Essiac tea, then you don’t know just how effective it can be. By taking this drink on a regular basis, you’ll be able to keep the pancreas in tip-top shape and return to the normal levels of productivity. The pancreas produces insulin, as well as other hormones that control blood sugar. What Essiac tea does is revive the pancreas, helping it produce insulin and therefore treat diabetes. Why isn’t there too much research in this sense? Because Rene Caisse closed her clinic and never got to further research the health effects of the herbal tea.  By the way, you should buy only organic Essiac tea bags. Don’t settle for other products.

The four-herb tea is great when it comes to diabetes therapy, having a powerful detoxifying property. if you have this severe condition, then you have to cleanse your body of chemicals. Diabetes isn’t caused only by obesity and lack of exercise. Toxins play an important role too. The herbal drink will help you flush out those nasty toxins, making it possible for the pancreas to regain its function. When you’re getting insulin shots, you can’t just go home and eat Twinkies. You have to stop eating sugar and drink more tea. Essiac tea is supported by strong scientific evidence, so you can be sure that it works. If you don’t trust science, then see for yourself. In other words, drink the tea and see what happens. Make sure to take the tea on an empty stomach.

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