Can Yoga Help You Lose Weight?

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Can Yoga Help You Lose Weight?

“Most individuals need to change both their energy intake and energy expenditure to lose weight. Many yoga practices burn fewer calories than traditional exercise (e.g., cardio based exercises, Zumba dance routines, jogging, brisk walking); however, yoga can increase one’s mindfulness and the way one relates to their body.  So, individuals will become more aware of what they are eating and make better food choices.  Many individuals have experienced healthy weight loss when they began to incorporate yoga into their daily routine.

Why Crash Dieting Is Bad For You

Crash diets involve drastic changes in the diet that can only be followed for a short period of time. “In other words, these changes are unsustainable,” Alexandra Miller, RDN, LDN, Corporate Dietitian, Medifast, says. All nutrients are essential to life. Each one has a specific purpose in the body; a purpose that supports health and wellbeing.  Here are some harmful effects that can happen if you choose to try a crash diet:

Weaker immune system

The diet supplies the body with nutrients needed for a healthy immune system, such as vitamins C and D. Crash diets typically miss entire food groups depriving the body of important nutrients. “Therefore, a person may not get the right amounts of vitamins and minerals to support a healthy immune system,” Miller says. “Further, such a drastic change in diet can place a stress on the body, which may affect the immune system as well.”

Overeating later

“Not eating a lot may make someone more susceptible to overeating later in the day as the body feels it needs to compensate for the lack of calories,” Miller says. Treating yourself to your favorite guilty pleasure will not ruin your diet, or figure (or life), but it can sabotage months of hard work training and following a healthy nutritious regimen. By overeating, you are teaching your body to accept unhealthy behaviors.

Yoga for Weight Loss

So here we are to tell you all you need to learn about the weight loss and how to achieve it well with the help of yoga routine.

Different types of yoga routines

If you are going for the power yoga practice, you are going for the most rigorous type of yoga and it will help you burn so many calories like up to 360 in an hour. While there are others as well that can help you lose weight and increase the metabolism in the body by mixing the routine with some Zumba dance moves or other exercises.  Depending upon the nature of your work routine and the consistency you are ready to offer, you can pick a program of your choice and start losing weight steadily.

To get the best out of the workout from yoga, you have to follow the tips that we have gathered here and these tips have been brought together by the expert advice from the doctors and exercise experts.

  • The first thing to consider is that yoga is a lot more than just a weight loss program. You can do a lot more with practicing it constantly. Just like the mind and body health that it provides and several other benefits that it gives to every health aspect.
  • Understand that sometimes, less is more. You may not be losing a lot of pounds and inches physically but the kicking of the digestion, metabolism and other systems of the body is something that can make you healthier and stronger.
  • Another benefit that yoga has is that it increases your spiritual awareness.

There are a lot of programs that you can follow or weight loss from yoga and one of the most helpful ones is here given in the link. You can view the program and learn its details.

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