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11 Incredible Chamomile Tea Benefits for Overall Health: Drink Up!

Chamomile, also referred to as “Babune ka Phal” in Hindi, is known for the many health and beauty benefits it offers. Chamomile is a daisy-like flower, a member of the “Asteraceae” plant family which is native to Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America. The beautiful chamomile flowers bloom during the early summer months which are later used to brew tea. Chamomile tea is prepared by drying the flowers and then infusing them in hot water. The tea has a fruit-like flavor, similar to apple and, besides being delicious, it has many valuable therapeutic properties. It contains 28 terpenoids and 36 flavonoid compounds including coumarins and mucilage. Together, these properties give the little flower its healing touch. Additionally, chamomile is also known for its anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antioxidant, anti-ulcer,...

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Surprising Benefits of Drinking Turmeric Water

In this article, you'll learn and discover the surprising benefits of drinking turmeric water. Turmeric is one of the most popular spices in the world, native to India and the south-east part of Asia. It has amazing properties for general health, is often added to cooked dishes. Oftentimes, turmeric is presented as the “golden spice”, given its numerous benefits. The Indian saffron, in combination with warm water and lemon, can help you keep chronic conditions at a safe distance. Keep on reading and discover more interesting information on the subject. Tumeric and Eliminating Harmful Toxins According to a study published in Nutritional Disorders & Therapy, turmeric is one of the many natural remedies that can help you eliminate harmful toxins. It cleanses the body and its vital organs,...

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