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Up-To-Date Infertility Treatment with TESA and TESE IVF Methods

Today, the treatment of infertility is of immediate interest for more than 50-80 million couples in the world. This amount increases by another 2 million annually. And these are only those people who turned to official medicine with their problem. In fact, there are many more infertility sufferers: some compensate for their desire to have children with the activity in other areas of life, others resort to adoption, but there are also those who simply put up with their suffering. Meanwhile, reproductive clinics have been solving this problem more and more efficiently year by year, giving the happiness of motherhood and fatherhood to tens of thousands of couples. TESA for Sparing Infertility Treatment in Men Thanks to TESA IVF is now available to many men suffering from the...

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4 Benefits Of Healthy Habits

Living healthy is a matter of self-discipline; it involves exercising on a regular basis, eating well, and avoiding harmful practices. All of these healthy habits have a lot of benefits for the mental, physical and emotional health of the individual. A healthy lifestyle revolutionizes the way people live and makes them see things from a different perspective. Those who practice healthy living habits live a longer and happier life. Nothing can stop you when you feel good, not even the worst challenges that life has in store for you. Unfortunately, healthy habits can be hard to develop, and they require a slight change of the mindset. However, by making sacrifices for better health, one can experience the best results, regardless of their age, gender or physical...


Tips To Prepare Mind, Body and Soul for IVF Process

Having a child of your own is a dream come true to most couples. This reverie, however, is not always realized due to various reasons like male infertility or a woman has blocked fallopian tubes among other causes. In these instances, couples look for solutions which mean may involve adoption or the use of modern technology such as In vitro fertilization(IVF). In most cases, IVF treatment is sought in the event other fertility treatments prove unsuccessful. Preparing adequately for the IVF process improves your chances of getting pregnant. Getting set for this process can be sensational. However, the fear of the unknown, the myths and the mysteries of science can take a toll on both the man and woman. It’s, therefore, necessary for one to prepare...


Acupuncture for Fertility: Does It Really Work?

Acupuncture is best known worldwide for treatment of pain, but over the past few decades, this surprisingly painless and relaxing experience of needle placement into acupuncture points has become well-known for increasing virility and fertility. Acupuncture is an age-old method to promote healthy pre- and post-natal care. However, its popularity in America to enhance fertility was not spurred until 2001 when a German study reported a significant increase in pregnancies when provided along with In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Since this time, numerous studies show supporting evidence for the effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of fertility issues. Acupuncture Treatment An acupuncture treatment typically lasts 20-30 minutes and is received at least once a week to balance the flow of energy within the 14 main meridian pathways of the...


How to Increase Male Fertility

Nothing can be more heartbreaking for both you and your partner than struggling to conceive a child.  This can also place great strain on your relationship, especially when fertility tests for males highlight an issue. As a result, you might be eager to find ways to improve your fertility, so you can both welcome a son or daughter into the world. All you might need to do is make a few lifestyle changes to increase your chances of becoming a father. Read the following tips on how to increase male fertility. Change Your Diet If you want to become a parent, you might need to adjust your diet. Boost your sperm count by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, which can support your reproductive health. In fact, it...


Top Health Hacks for Boosting Fertility

Getting the right balance for your body when you are trying for a baby is essential for making the process run smoothly. There are often frustrations when trying to conceive, and sometimes the smaller issues are overlooked. It can often be underestimated how small changes can affect fertility and ultimately make the difference for how long it can take to get pregnant. By incorporating these lifestyle modifications, you should see this as a journey to an overall healthier lifestyle, and then it will make the process easier. By maintaining a positive mindset, it can also help to improve your chances. If you’re looking at ways to boost your fertility and grow your family, take a look at these health hacks to make it happen. Get to a healthy...

Jennifer Mercier takes on IVF, exposing Low Success Rates, Lies and Dangers

Jennifer Mercier takes on IVF, exposing Low Success Rates, Lies and Dangers

Mercier Therapy offers a traditional alternative to predatory doctors and the overall fertility crisis ​Documentary opens Nationwide ​next month​ The Fertility Crisis Couples are waiting longer and longer to start families for many reasons. Too often, when the time is right financially, socially or professionally, it may not be right physically. Problems and delays in conceiving lead to pressures and stress between couples who fall prey to false hope and promises from an overly publicized IVF community. IVF is a propitiously suggestive and expensive protocol that safeguards revenue by not disclosing accurate failure rate or injured organ data.  IVF professionals feed into the panic; capitalizing on it through its money-making fear mongering protocol. They routinely formulate life in LABS rather than investigate and solve what is impairing a woman’s...

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