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9 Health Benefits Of Drinking Tea Regularly

Tea is a beverage that has been around for many centuries. It’s the most popular health drink next to water. Aside from being a refreshment, tea is known to aid for health in traditional medicine. Even in modern times, tea is seen to have many benefits. Drinking tea regularly is a habit that many people practice, and there are many advantages to doing so. Here are nine health benefits of drinking tea: Tea reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack Several studies have seen that drinking three cups of tea daily decreases the risk of stroke by as much as 21%. Tea contains catechins that have stroke-reducing effects. At the same time, it has anti-inflammatory properties to keep the arteries from being inflamed so that clotting...


Seasonal Eating: Start this Winter

Small Steps, Big Changes These days making decisions about how to eat in the most healthful manner can be a difficult and confusing task.  Each person's unique constitution requires variation in the types of foods that are eaten, therefore no one diet is right for everyone.  The quest for reliable information concerning optimum nutrition reveals one diet guru after another espousing what they believe to be the right way to eat.  One day the prescription for finding healthy food includes a diet high in protein, the next day it could be low fat.  We are told to eat an abundance of complex carbohydrates for plentiful energy, yet recent information denounces a high complex carbohydrate diet.  What is a poor health seeker to do?  Most of us throw...


The Health Benefits of Coffee: 5 Hot And Fresh Facts You Should Know About Coffee

Coffee is a very popular and most consumed drink all over the world. Coffee is the first thing that comes into the minds of people when they wake. It is the catalyst that tells them that their day is starting. People also drink coffee making it their fuel in order to last the night. According to the National Coffee Association or NCA’s recent survey, coffee consumers this year increased compared to last year. There was an increase of 6% among younger consumers aged 13 to 18. Also an 11% hike among adult drinkers of 40 to 59 years of age. Why drink coffee though? Coffee is known to have a lot of beneficial qualities to the human body over the years. To all coffee lovers and non-coffee...


The Super Tea You’ve Never Heard Of

Amla is an ingredient that derives from the amla tree or Indian gooseberry plant. Amla was customarily used to increase energy, improve digestion, boost hair growth, treat respiratory conditions and promote life expectancy. Today, Amla Tea is used for weight loss, a body fat burner, dieting and homeopathy aid that can be used to encourage natural healing properties. It also has nutritious compounds such as...


What’s the Best Way to Stay Hydrated?

The importance of staying hydrated should never be overlooked. With the average human body being 60% water, it’s little surprise that we need to maintain high levels of hydration to feel physically and mentally healthy. When we’re dehydrated, the body struggles to perform many basic functions. Your body can suffer significant damage.  Yet many people struggle to maintain healthy hydration levels in their body. Thankfully, it’s surprisingly easy to stay hydrated, with various options available to help increase the number of fluids in the body. When you are fully hydrated, your body functions more efficiently, removing waste, keeping joints healthy, and helping the mind remain focused and alert. Better still, our skin looks healthier and we generally feel much better, highlighting why we should always try to stay...

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Surprising Benefits of Drinking Turmeric Water

Turmeric is one of the most popular spices in the world, native to India and the south-east part of Asia. It has amazing properties for the general health, is often added to cooked dishes. Often times, turmeric is presented as the “golden spice”, given its numerous benefits. The Indian saffron, in combination with warm water and lemon, can help you keep chronic conditions at a safe distance. Keep on reading and discover more interesting information on the subject. Detoxification According to a study published in Nutritional Disorders & Therapy, turmeric is one of the many natural remedies that can help you eliminate harmful toxins. It cleanses the body and its vital organs, especially when consumed in combination with water, like tea, juice or golden milk. The authors of...

How the Ketogenic Diet Can Help You for Weight Loss

How the Ketogenic Diet Can Help You for Weight Loss

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The ketogenic diet is a nutrient restrictive diet that was initially developed somewhere in the 1920s as a treatment for epilepsy. The diet can be described as a high-fat, low-carb, and adequate-protein diet. Besides being a successful treatment for epilepsy that does not respond to medication, the ketogenic diet is also considered a weight-loss type of diet. And although the ketogenic diet may help you lose weight, it is generally not considered the best approach to sustainable weight loss. Keri Glassman who is a nutritionist and registered dietitian said for Today that the ketogenic diet is an extreme diet, and like with all things extreme, it does not work in the long run. Nevertheless, if you’re considering the ketogenic diet to shed a pound or...


Know What is The Perfect Diet for your Appetite

Losing weight can be an intimidating and daunting task. Not to mention, losing weight costs, both time and money, that many people find themselves in short supply of these days. Worst of all is the discouragement, some might feel if they are not hitting their weight loss goals. But dieticians and experts suggest there may be an easier way to lose weight, without all the negative emotions that may come with the process. In fact, experts believe this diet is perhaps one of the best and most successful ways to lose weight and stay in shape. Considered a "dieter's dream diet," there's no fancy name for it, but it is a diet we've all grown up with. Simply put, the "dieter's dream diet," is eating the right...