Tips To Prepare Mind, Body and Soul for IVF Process

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Tips To Prepare Mind, Body and Soul for IVF Process

Having a child of your own is a dream come true to most couples. This reverie, however, is not always realized due to various reasons like male infertility or a woman has blocked fallopian tubes among other causes. In these instances, couples look for solutions which mean may involve adoption or the use of modern technology such as In vitro fertilization(IVF). In most cases, IVF treatment is sought in the event other fertility treatments prove unsuccessful.

Preparing adequately for the IVF process improves your chances of getting pregnant. Getting set for this process can be sensational. However, the fear of the unknown, the myths and the mysteries of science can take a toll on both the man and woman. It’s, therefore, necessary for one to prepare their mind, body, and soul for the experience. Here are some ways to prime your body for this process.

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Getting Rid of Stress

We all experience stress in different and unique ways based on our personal experiences. While preparing for IVF, identify factors that may trigger stress and develop coping mechanisms.

Research indicates that the first treatment of the cycle is the most stressful for patients. It comes with high chances of misconception, panic, and nervousness. Knowing what helps you relieve stress be it; talking to your partner, playing with your toys, watching a movie or going out with friends can help reduce stress and make you lively.

During such times it is important to put some major decisions on hold, like moving into a new house, going on a vacation and even undertaking strenuous tasks at work. Learning how to deal with your partner’s stress and avoiding doing things that provoke them will help in boosting the mental state during, before and after the process. Realize that each day has a share of its goodness and worse. Focus on your strength and let go of things beyond your power.

Confide In Someone

When going through difficult situations, it may be hard to open up and share your experiences. However, it may be your best shot during the IVF preparation process. Without opening up to someone about the process it can be so detaching. Make the decision on whom you can confide in well in advance. Consider joining a support group that will help you connect and share experiences with people who are embarking on this journey.

A long fight with infertility may have taken a toll on your self -esteem and your relations resulting in sorrow and loneliness. You will want to be around a good emotional surrounding and have your relations on firm ground before starting an IVF cycle. The internet is full of information about infertility, through various sites you can find friends and help you deal with the process.

Adjust Your Diet

Depending on the state of your physical health, you may use some certain exercises and diet changes to increase the chances of mature egg production. Avoid smoking and alcohol use. Foods rich in caffeine and high mercury should be avoided. Eating a well-balanced diet will help boost your hormonal balance. Diet does not only involve food, check on what your mind consumes as negative thoughts may increase your stress levels.

Prepare Psychologically

It is important to think through the outcomes of the IVF treatment and deliberate on the possibilities in advance. Sometimes the decisions may have a negative and positive impact. It can affect you socially, physically, emotionally, financially and even religiously. Discuss your expectations with your partner. Although this is one of the most fruitful fertility methods, it does not always work and there may be several IVF cycles before success. Before opting for the technique, you and your partner should have lifelike goals. Doing a thorough research and getting the right information will help you with planning in advance. The anxiety that comes with the experiences requires one to be mentally prepared. Plan for possible outcomes such as; waiting period, negative response to medication or even failed fertilization.

Get in Shape

Getting in shape does not necessarily mean you hit the gym. It is good for your body, mind, and soul to integrate some exercises into your day-to-day routine. Taking a stroll or walking home from work will have a big impact on improving your chances of fertility. Getting enough sleep each night. Having a yoga massage or cardiovascular exercises will put you in sharp. Considering a weight loss plan will increase the chances of hormonal balance.


Finally, is important to look beyond the process, weigh all the options .having full knowledge about the process will you go past the trauma that comes with an unsuccessful one. Think about the process as a full-time investment, keeping this in mind will help erudite later.

Remember that each cycle comes with its share of experiences that can help you make proper decisions in the future. Despite the outcome of the IVF, always count yourself as a victor in doing all that was under your control to have an heir .doing so will help you think of your next step in the future.



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