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Expert Shoshanna Katzman

The Complete Herbal Guide / Expert Shoshanna Katzman

Chinese Prescription for Health & Longevity

A Chinese Prescription for Health & LongevityHas the question, What can we do to avoid sickness, debility, and senility in our lives? - Ever entered your mind. What can we do to help ourselves heal from diseases or afflictions already a part of our lives? What can we do to create a longer, healthier, enjoyable, and more productive life?Answers to these questions can be found through learning about the ancient wisdom of the Chinese people who have studied the phenomenon of longevity for over 5,000 years. A vast body of Chinese medical knowledge has accrued from these efforts, providing a viable alternative to unhealthy, destructive behavior and lifestyle habits.The Chinese medicine view of health emphasizes the influence of emotions, nature, electromagnetic forces, and energy on the human...


A Complete Guide to the Dantian Breathing

Your Center of HealingMeditating and breathing into a place two inches below your umbilicus is called Dantian breathing.  It is believed in Chinese Medicine that all healing emanates from the Dantian.  It is therefore important to breathe into this area throughout the day and especially concentrate on it during a healing sessionHere is your complete guide to the Dantian breathing.As an acupuncturist and Tai Chi teacher, I share this practice with my patients and students to help them obtain and maintain a healthy body, mind, and spirit.  It is a simple yet profound breathing exercise that can help you center and heal yourself, maintain personal power, relieve stress, and increase breathing capacity.As you stand or lay down, think about your Dantian by concentrating your mind’s...

Acupuncture Life Lift to Reclaim Health

Acupuncture Life Lift Good health is often taken for granted until it is lost. Reclaiming health can be difficult to achieve, requiring the best of both allopathic and alternative medicine. One of the most commonly sought, effective alternative therapies is the ancient art of Acupuncture.For 4,000 years, it has helped people throughout the world to maximize innate healing capability.  It produces the highest quality of life energy, traditionally known as Qi.Qi - The Vital Life Force Acupuncture works by opening up the free flow of Qi throughout the body.  It restores flow where it was stuck, or deficient. Tiny needles inserted at various acupuncture points on the body create an internal balancing of energies.  This creates a summoning of self-healing Qi power.It is a truly healing experience...

Awakening Qi Immunity According To Ancient Practices

Awakening Qi Immunity Throughout the ages, Chinese culture has emphasized the importance of preventative measures to stimulate the body’s natural defense mechanisms. Chinese medicine boosts immunity to reduce the likelihood of disease or infection through awakening the flow of Qi, precious vital energy flowing throughout the body. When Qi is strong and balanced the capacity to prevent illness and maintain health is enhanced. Health maintenance through prevention methodologies has thus become deeply rooted within the Chinese healthcare system through Chinese herbs, acupuncture, dietary therapy and therapeutic exercises such as Tai Chi and Qigong.Acupuncture Acupuncturists recommend preventative treatments at the change of seasons to maintain vibrant health and wellness. Numerous scientific studies have been conducted to elucidate the mechanism with which acupuncture works. The most agreed upon concepts...


Seasonal Eating: Start this Winter

Small Steps, Big Changes These days making decisions about how to eat in the most healthful manner can be a difficult and confusing task.  Each person's unique constitution requires variation in the types of foods that are eaten, therefore no one diet is right for everyone.  The quest for reliable information concerning optimum nutrition reveals one diet guru after another espousing what they believe to be the right way to eat.  One day the prescription for finding healthy food includes a diet high in protein, the next day it could be low fat.  We are told to eat an abundance of complex carbohydrates for plentiful energy, yet recent information denounces a high complex carbohydrate diet.  What is a poor health seeker to do?  Most of us throw...

winter health tips

Winter Tips for Healthy Living

Winter Health Notes Winter is the end of all seasons. To unify with winter, one emphasizes the yin principle to become more receptive, introspective, and storage-oriented; one cools the surface of the body and warms the body’s core.  Cold and darkness drive one to seek inner warmth. It is a time to rest, to meditate deeply, refine the spiritual essence, and store physical energy for the cold season. Even though the slow yin processes predominate, it is important to stay active enough to keep the spine and joints flexible.The winter’s primary element is water and is associated with the virtue of wisdom, the emotion of fear.  The primary organ systems of the water element are the Kidneys and the Bladder.  Like the kidneys, fear is deeply rooted, and...

of Body, Breath and Mind

Qigong and the Cultivation of Body, Breath and Mind

Free flow of qi, the vital energy that moves and motivates all bodily functions and transformations.The simple practice of regulating the body, breath, and mind can be easily adapted for enhancing everyday activities. It has far-reaching benefits for well-being and peace of mind through establishing alignment and regulation of one’s body, mind, and spirit. This serves to open the free flow of qi, the vital energy that moves and motivates all bodily functions and transformations.It is a process that involves paying special attention to physical alignment, regulation of breath, as well as focused mind intent. This specific approach is derived from the practice of the Chinese exercises of tai chi and qigong. A practitioner of these exercise arts ultimately increases integration of mind, body, and...


The Ancient Art of Mindful Breathing

What is Mindful Breathing? The capacity for breathing is a precious life possession, one not easily taken away. Respiration is governed by the autonomic nervous system, a physiological process happening all on its own. In Western culture, people become concerned with their breath when a medical problem such as asthma, pneumonia or chronic pulmonary disease becomes evident. Only then does a true appreciation for this bodily process arise, one commonly taken for granted.Simply look at any baby and breathing into their belly is obvious. Though natural for babies, school-age children have already abandoned belly breathing for a tight abdomen and big chest. As adulthood approaches, respiration becomes increasingly shallower due to exorbitant levels of emotional, social, work and family pressures. This stressful state becomes so extreme...

Chinese yoga

Qigong: Chinese Yoga for Energetic Momentum

Qigong (pronounced ‘chee-gung’) is an ancient Chinese exercise designed to balance and cultivate the flow of energy for health and healing purposes.Qigong is easy to learn and can be performed by anyone regardless of ability.Also known as Chinese Yoga, it is a form of energy medicine that strengthens the body physically as it calms the mind and spirit to promote relaxation and revitalization. It involves slow rhythmical postures and movements integrated with the breath and enhanced with the vocalization of sounds and creative visualizations. How Qigong Works Qigong accomplishes this through various methods that support physical and energetic health. One major explanation for how Qigong works is through invigoration of an energy vortex, a precious energy center of the body known as a dantian - translated as...