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How to Take Care of Your Mental Health during Exams Sessions?

The Complete Herbal Guide / Everyday Solutions  / How to Take Care of Your Mental Health during Exams Sessions?

How to Take Care of Your Mental Health during Exams Sessions?

College is ever so wonderful as a place where one gets to experience the newfound freedom, make new friendships and expand the horizons of knowledge. Until it is time for finals that sends students to the panic mode.

Exams are the most frustrating part of student life. Unfortunately, they are also unavoidable. Even thinking about studying for the exams gives you anxiety. The only relief might be that you are not the only one to feel so.

Okay, there is even an official term for this. Test Anxiety, as the experts call it, is said to have affected over 10 million students in North America, of which approximately 20% experiences high anxiety issues.

Taking care of mental health during exams is as important as preparing for the exams itself. Otherwise, you are just one panic attack away from failing. So how to get ready for the battle against stress during the exam seasons? Wield up your armor with these following hacks.

1. Get Organized

There are more than dozens of tasks to complete, hundreds of pages to be read and then you have to find the time to squeeze in at least a part revision before finally getting into the exam hall. It is no wonder that students get stressed over the overwhelming amount of work. Having a clear idea on an action plan to handle the study schedule will go a long way to reducing the stress.

Organizing a study calendar will tell what is there to review, how much time is required for each subject and dedicate time according to strengths and weaknesses. Doing this well before exams could avoid panicking as the date approaches. 


2. Take Care of Physical Health 

Mental health and physical health are directly proportionate. One cannot be at its best if the other is going down in the graph.

An average student’s stereotypical diet revolves around pizza, microwave meals, and drinks. It would be a blessing if it includes some healthy portion occasionally. It goes without saying that this is not the best way to live. You need wholesome nutrients to boost the brain that in turns stores information. It would be a smart decision to replace the takeaway with some fresh homemade or dorm-made food closer to the exams.

It is also vital to get some exercise done instead of just being cooped up in front of study materials. You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym. Take a walk outside or have a yoga session; if you didn’t already know, exercise is an excellent stress reliever.

3. Take Breaks 

Cramming a 10-hour study session a day might not enable one to process all the information in one go. It is essential to take breaks so the brain can work out all the overload. Take in breaks every half an hour or so, to get some fresh air or a calming drink. Students can try the Pomodoro technique to help with efficient focus and to get reminded to take breaks.

Make sure the breaks are unrelated to study materials. Even if you are switching between subjects and trick the brain from monotony, it might not yield anything positive. Factoring in the relaxing time is a big part of study schedules.

4. Ask for Help 

It is common to feel like there is a lot on the plate for you to handle during exams. If that is the case, it is only fair to ask for help from outside sources. For a paper that is still to be handed in or a fast-approaching deadline, students can approach an essay writer service that offers quick turnarounds. Getting some work sorted out from the pile will help to de-stress.

It is also recommended to talk to a counselor if the pressure is too much. Campuses provide assistance for the same, and you would also be able to find study groups that will help you get through the exam phase. 

5. Reward the Study Milestones 

Though the day before the exams are the first time you see the theory, when you have finally understood what it is about, it is totally acceptable to reward yourself for that. Just don’t let the time set aside to enjoy the accomplishments lead to an impromptu party on the floor.

Instead turn these times into going out, actually spending some time with friends and get back right on schedule. 


6. Socialize 

At the beginning of the article, we did mention that no student is alone while dealing with the exam pressure. Shutting yourself in the room, trying to study might not be the best path to take. Meeting friends for a cup of coffee, or having a study group session could all quickly lighten up the mood.  Moreover, it could be an energizer to spend quality time with someone from the class that would help in studying and actually have fun while doing it.

Exams might seem like an unconquerable mountain. But it is indeed possible; keep the stress away and simply look forward to the good parts that come after the exams.

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