How Can Matcha Benefit Your Skin?

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How Can Matcha Benefit Your Skin?

Matcha has become very popular in coffee shops, restaurants, and grocery stores. But what is it exactly? According to Healthline, matcha comes from the Camellia sinensis plant just like green tea. Matcha is grown differently and has unique characteristics. The farmers grow matcha by covering the plants twenty to thirty days before harvest to avoid direct sunlight. As a result, chlorophyll production is increased, thereby boosting the amino acid content and giving the plants a darker green hue.

Once the tea leaves are harvested, the stems and veins are then removed, and the leaves are ground up into the fine powder you now know as matcha. Matcha has been scientifically studied over time. It has been found to be very beneficial since the nutrients in matcha come from the entire leaf. For instance, it has been found that matcha and its components protect the liver, promote heart health, and facilitate weight loss. Today, the benefits it can bring for your skin will be explored below.


Look and Feel Younger

Tam & Tea said that matcha is known for its antiaging benefits for the skin. EGCG, or epigallocatechin-3-gallate, is an essential antioxidant in matcha tea. This component in the tea can help defy DNA damage that your skin receives every day due to UV rays. Damage to the skin is most often brought about by sunlight, and this is where the benefits of matcha come in when it comes down to slowing down the aging process.

Say Goodbye to the Redness

Aside from its anti-aging properties, matcha also has anti-inflammatory properties. Normally, people can get red and itchy skin due to pollutants in the environment. Matcha has catechins that help clear out the redness and irritation you get from pollutants. It also helps hydrate your skin.

Eliminate Your Acne Slowly but Surely

Matcha is very much effective in eliminating your acne because of its antibiotic properties. Polyphenols in matcha tea help fight the bacteria related to acne and fight against infection on your skin. Acne does not disappear overnight. It takes a consistent procedure to eliminate it, which is why you have to be diligent and patient at the same time when treating acne. Use facial creams with polyphenols and ones that are recommended by your dermatologist for a better effect on your acne.

Improve Your Skin Texture

Aside from making your blemishes and acne disappear, matcha’s antioxidant properties give your skin a smoother feel. It gives you suppler skin since it renews your skin cells and supports the structure of your skin.

Hydrate Your Skin

Matcha has been known to hydrate the skin especially since it is abundant in vitamin B2 and vitamin E. These vitamins are essential in maintaining healthy skin, making it look tight, smooth, and youthful. Specifically, vitamin B2 can be used to maintain the collagen levels in your skin while vitamin E can support the growth of new skin cells.


Detoxify Your Skin

Aside from avoiding and eliminating acne, matcha cleans out the toxins in your body. Your skin can get in touch with a lot of toxins every day due to the pollutants in the environment and the food you eat. By taking in matcha as a tea or food ingredient, you can absorb the chlorophyll and enjoy its benefits. It creates a layer of protection from the damage of pollutants and toxins.

There are multiple options when it comes to getting skin products that contain matcha as an ingredient. You can find facial creams, facial masks, facial foam, and several other products in the market for you to enjoy the most out of matcha’s benefits.

However, it is very important for you to consult your dermatologist first before using these products so that you will know whether your skin type is suitable for matcha and its benefits. There is nothing wrong with trying out matcha skin products, but it is better to be sure of its effects on your skin before stocking up on products. With the convenience of getting matcha, it is now easier for you to achieve the healthy, glowing, and youthful skin you have always dreamed of.

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