Can a Holistic Herbal and Diet Plan Kick Addictions Without Help?

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Can a Holistic Herbal and Diet Plan Kick Addictions

Can a Holistic Herbal and Diet Plan Kick Addictions Without Help?

There is an old sitcom scene where a guy keeps hitting his head against a wall. Each time he does it, he says his head hurts. That is the same way individuals feel about their addictions. They understand that it is wrong, but they are not able to stop.

Addictions come in many different forms. For some, they have strong food cravings that they are not able to control. They may have an especially difficult time saying no to foods like chocolate and bread. There are other types of addictions that can cause major havoc in a person’s life. These are addictions to alcoholism, drug abuse, and gambling. Extreme risk-taking and compulsive behaviors can also be considered addictions.

Dopamine and Its Connection to Addictions

The counselors at the Georgia Drug Detox Atlanta center recognize that many unhealthy behaviors, especially those tied to drugs and alcohol, stem from the body’s underlying addiction to dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter located in the brain that is responsible for the feelings an individual equates to pleasure or a ‘high’. When a person begins to take pleasure in participating in certain activities, it is the result of dopamine surges in the brain.

Have you ever seen someone who abuses drugs and alcohol who looks healthy? A holistic approach that focuses on herbs, diet, and supplements, and intensive outpatient or inpatient counseling, can help a person get their life on track.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

A food allergy addiction may also affect a person’s alcohol consumption. This is especially true for those who prefer a certain type of alcohol.

For example, gin is made from juniper and beer comes from wheat. Vodka is made from rye and rum is made from sugar. A craving or preference for a certain type of liquor can indicate a related food allergy addiction. Therefore, it is best for an individual who is being treated to avoid eating certain foods.

Alcohol also increases gut permeability, which means proteins that have not been digested are able to enter the bloodstream. As a result, an allergy type of immune response can set off in the body.

Recovery Plan

One of the first things that an addict will respond to positively is whole foods and herbal supplements. The use of these supplements depends on the individual. The use of optimal supplements is necessary for improved health and addiction recovery.

In a normal brain, there are high concentrations of vitamin C. The vitamin helps to protect the brain from the effects of toxic substances. Up to 3000 mg of vitamin C is recommended in several doses throughout the day.

Those who have a substance abuse problem generally eat a lot of processed junk food. During the recovery and healing process, digestive enzymes and probiotics can help to restore the natural flora of the gut.

Addictions are difficult to control. Recovery can encompass lifelong vigilance in order to prevent them from recurring. Adopting a healthier way of life can help a person get back on the right road to health.

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