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Five Easy Vegan Breakfast Recipes for Busy Mornings

With the internet flooded with many meat recipes, it can be challenging to spot a vegetarian meal that will suit your tastes and preferences. Planning for breakfast can be especially overwhelming, for people who have to deal with busy mornings. When you get up in the morning a couple of minutes late for your meeting, the last thing you are thinking about is how to serve a healthy breakfast on the go. As a vegan, worry no more, because we got you covered. Here are five very easy to prepare vegan breakfast recipes (plant paradox recipes) that can help you fix up your hungry stomach even on the very busy mornings: Cherry Coconut Overnight Oats Since your mornings are very busy, how about a recipe that you...


Why Are Organic Products Better Than Non-Organic Products?

Organic production refers to the way food products, be it agricultural produce or livestock, are cultivated. In the organic processes, the produce is kept away from any artificial additives. The fertilizers and pesticides used are natural and not chemical. The livestock raised organically for milk, eggs or meat are given organic feed and are kept free of growth hormones and antibiotics. Looking to improve your health? Organic products can make help to improve your health.  Here's how...

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New Wake of Healthcare Waste Management

As we look forward to having a greener planet, we must consider how we handle waste disposal. We throw out various waste products on a regular basis, one menace being health care waste products such as, sharp disposals, medical, chemotherapy not forgetting pharmaceutical by-products which poses a dangerous threat not only to the human but also, to the planet in general. They are the by-products of healthcare facilities activities that include; sharps or non-sharps, blood, chemicals as well as radioactive materials used during health procedures. Mismanagement of healthcare by-products exposes individuals within healthcare institutions and beyond to infections, toxic substances, and harm. According to Eagle dumpster rental who is known for its well-performed services when it comes to managing waste, leaving no chance for an accident...

5 Keto Foods in a Vegetarian's Life (Must love No. 4!)

What Can You Eat on a Vegetarian Keto Diet?

Are you a vegetarian like me who thought keto would not work for you? A low carb-diet I could do, but combining it with high-fat food intake seemed impossible. However, because I wanted to try this diet so severely, I searched for keto vegetarian keto food and put together a list for you. Before we explore that, let's explore what the keto diet is all about. The goal of the keto diet is to get your body in a state of ketosis. This happens when the amount of glucose in your body is drastically reduced due to significantly decreasing carbohydrate intake. In effect, your body finds an alternative source of energy which is fat. A properly maintained keto diet forces your body to go into a...


ROUNDUP In Wine: Toxic Chemical Glyphosate Found In 100% Of California Wines Tested

It seems Monsanto’s toxic chemical glyphosate has now found its way into wine. It isn’t surprising, however, seeing as how grapes are pesticide and herbicide-laden. Glyphosate has been showing up in foods both directly sprayed, and even foods that haven’t been sprayed, such as organic produce. It is the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide and has been used since 1974. Recent research has suggested that glyphosate will “likely remain the most widely applied [herbicide] worldwide for years to come, and interest will grow in quantifying ecological and human health impacts.” The study showed that in 2014, farmers sprayed enough glyphosate to apply 0.8 pounds of the chemical to every acre of cultivated cropland in the U.S. 100 Percent of Wine Tested Contained Glyphosate A supporter of Moms Across...


5 Vegan Foods That Can Support Your Weight Loss Program

Over the years, vegan foods have found their way into weight-loss diets due to their myriad benefits to the body. They are also gaining prevalence for the fact that the body retains its benefits for an extended period of time. Many people are discarding the numerous fad diets that are cropping up and opting for the simpler solution that is found in vegan foods. Vegan-based foods contain high levels of fibers which are commonly known to clean out the digestive system and accelerate the metabolic process. Tailoring your weight loss regimen to accommodate these vegan foods can significantly help you to reach your ideal weight goal promptly. Starting off might seem challenging; therefore, it is important to adopt the easiest meals that will assist your body...