5 Wonders You Don’t Know Lemons Can Do

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5 Wonders You Don’t Know Lemons Can Do

When life gives you lemons, make lemon juice.

Kidding aside, lemons are not only for citrus juices. Have you heard about its health benefits? Do you have an idea how lemons are a great help to your laundry problems? The wonders lemon can do impressive! Here are the cool things you can do with lemons…

fruits and vegetables

Lemons Preserve Fruits and Vegetables

Squeeze a lemon and apply its juice to your fruits and vegetables. Lemon juice prevents oxidation and brown discoloration of the vegetables and fruits. If you want to prepare your meals ahead of time, keep them fresh-looking with a few squeezes. 

You do not have to worry about throwing your lifeless-looking vegetables. With only a few squeezes, you can bring back limp lettuce to life. Soak your lettuce in half-cup of lemon juice and cold water, place them inside the fridge for an hour, and it will make the lettuce crispy again. 

One of the Best Food Enhancer

If you are having trouble biting and chewing meat, lemon juice is the solution. When you are preparing your meat, marinate it with lemon juice, it is an excellent tenderizer. It will breakdown the meat’s protein fiber efficiently, making your meat as soft as ever.

Not only on meat, but a little touch of lemon in your meals will also enhance their taste. It will help balance a dish’s flavor, making it an excellent substitute for salt. People with hypertension can enjoy their favorite food by substituting salt with lemon juice. You do not have to sacrifice the flavor to enjoy your favorite dish because you can cook it healthily

Improve Mental Health

When you feel stressed at home or because of work, drink a refreshing lemon juice. The vitamin C in citrus fruit will help decrease levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Thus, calm yourself by having a refreshing lemonade and some snacks.

Moreover, the scent of lemon oil helps improve concentration and alertness. If you do not have essential oil, you can use this trick: boil few ounces of water and lemon juice. The smell will diffuse around your room and help you regain your brainpower.

Get Rid of Stubborn Clothes

Lemons are excellent stain remover. Do not let the stain settle on your clothes’ fabrics. Pre-treat your clothes with lemon juice before you have the laundry service pickup and delivery your laundry.  It does not only remove the stain but also enhances the color of your clothes. 

Soothe Colds and Sore Throat

With the pandemic around, you become cautious of having sore throats, colds, and worse, cough. Whenever you feel a slight itch on your throat, soothe it with hot lemon juice. Make a fresh lemon juice, do it hot, and add a tablespoon of honey. Although it sounds, and even taste like a sweet treat, it soothes the pain in your throat and prevents it from progressing to cough and colds

These are only a few impressive wonders lemon can do. Lemon will help you look and feel at your best with its benefits.

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