How Often Do Solar Panels Need to Be Cleaned?

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How Often Do Solar Panels Need to Be Cleaned?

On average, solar panels last for 25 to 30 years upon installation. This lifespan is rather long, but improper care will compromise its efficiency. If this goes on for a long time, it may even lessen the expected longevity of the solar panel.

Thus, regular cleaning or maintenance is essential. Do you know how often do solar panels need to be cleaned? Indicators of care schedule rely on several factors you will learn in this guide.

Dry Climate

One thing to consider for the frequency of cleaning solar panels is the climate. If you live in a dry climate region, you’re most likely to need more cleaning sessions in a year. Drier climates can build up a lot of dust on the panels, especially during summer.

In this case, two to three cleaning times are beneficial for you. It’s ideal to have your solar panels cleaned every after summer. Then schedule another after four to six months.

Rainy Season

Frequent rains don’t mean clean solar panels. Although rain tends to drain off a lot of the undesirable residue, it’s not enough to clean solar panels. Rain still carries airborne dust particles, which will cause a film of dust to form on the solar panels.

Sure, it may wash away the current dirt on solar panels, but it brings new dirty particles. It’s not visible at first, but letting rain alone do the cleaning will form dust particles if neglected. Allowing this for a long time may reduce the efficiency of your solar panels.

Home Area

To know what are solar panels’ proper cleaning schedule, consider the area of your home. For instance, a wooded area is more prone to debris like fallen leaves, twigs, and branches. It will even see a lot of bird droppings since trees are home to birds.

Moreover, high particle pollution accumulates dirt and dust faster in urban areas. You may need to set more regular solar panel cleaning in these cases.

Regular Check-Up

With ground-mounted solar panels, debris and dirt build-up is obvious. With roof system solar panels, you’ll often overlook it as it’s harder to see.

The wind will most likely blow this debris away, but you don’t pay the wind to do it for you always. It’s better to check your solar panels to remove the debris before it causes a problem. Removing the visible debris is good, but going full-DIY is not advisable.

Going DIY will cause safety and liability issues that you and your solar company want to avoid. Visit Blue Raven Solar’s webpage for solar panel installation and professional care.

Discover How Often Do Solar Panels Need to Be Cleaned

Cleaning too often causes potential damage and lessens solar panel efficiency. Understand the factors discussed above to know how often do solar panels need to be cleaned.

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