Why Are Organic Products Better Than Non-Organic Products?

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Why Are Organic Products Better Than Non-Organic Products?

Organic production refers to the way food products, be it agricultural produce or livestock, are cultivated. In the organic processes, the produce is kept away from any artificial additives. The fertilizers and pesticides used are natural and not chemical. The livestock raised organically for milk, eggs or meat are given organic feed and are kept free of growth hormones and antibiotics. Looking to improve your health? Organic products can make help to improve your health.  Here’s how…

Fresh and Natural

Organic foods are sold fresh as their life is shorter. Lack of preservatives does not allow life to be extended unnaturally and we get the benefits of fresh natural food as it should be. Organic milk, eggs, and vegetables are delivered in the vicinity of the farm that they are produced soon after they are produced.

Beneficial for the Environment

Organic farming involves planting different crops and hence promotes crop diversity, which protects certain species of crops from becoming extinct. The benefits of this are seen in the form of useful insects, microorganisms in the soil, and other factors, which make the soil healthy. Organic farming also helps in reducing the pollution of the soil and hence the groundwater that is caused by chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It brings soil erosion under control and helps to conserve water.


Better Nutrition

Along with preserving natural nutrition, organic products are richer in antioxidants. For nutritious and tasty organic milk depends on organic farms that deliver it in the vicinity. The farmers feed their animals with organic feed and keep them free from any injected hormones.

Safe from Dangerous Pesticides

Chemical pesticides have been linked to breast, prostate, and other cancers. Organic products are free from these dangerous pesticides.

 No Genetic Modification

Under organic farming, the foods are produced in their natural form. Crossbreeding and genetic modifications are not undertaken and they are allowed to grow as they were meant to be.

Preservative-Rich Processed Foods

Preservative-loaded products, on the other hand, can prove to be harmful for human consumption. They force the human body to be exposed to chemicals, which are not meant for it. These result in unnatural weight gain and diseases of the heart and the brain. The excessive consumption of sodium and nitrate put humans at risk of kidney problems, infertility, and weak bones.

The vegetable produce and the animals injected with hormones get a burst of unnatural growth and fetch a good price. Ultimately, these hormones enter the human body and affect it adversely. The effect could be different on different people, but it is an unnatural occurrence, which could be difficult to diagnose in time.

These are only a few side effects from the list of many that could affect mankind. If this happens to continues, the results cannot be expected to be good. Rather than eating processed foods, man needs to go back to his old lifestyle and consume freshly cooked food. Having small organic farms in your backyard could be a big leap towards healthy and happy living.


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