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Fitness-Strength Training

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Building Muscle: Will it Extend or Shorten your Lifespan?

Building Muscle: Will it Extend or Shorten your Lifespan?

Bodybuilding has changed a lot during its short life, but the motivation behind it hasn’t. Bodybuilding is all about the gain train.We lift to look good, to be strong, and because we like it - health is an afterthought.But society has become increasingly health conscious. Within the past decade, human lifespan and longevity have come to the forefront of health interest.We’re even seeing this interesting work it’s way out of research environments and into specific activities, sports, and realms of fitness. Even bodybuilding.This integration of fitness and longevity has presented an interesting complication, the two pursuits seem to contradict each other.It’s as if there’s a fork in the road with one way leading to optimal performance and the other to optimal longevity.Does it have to...


Cross Training: Why It’s A Good Idea to Change Things Up

Muscle confusion, or the practice of regularly changing up a training program, is a topic of heated debate in the fitness world. Some people swear by its ability to challenge the body and keep it guessing, while others believe switching gears too much makes it difficult to make progress with a certain lift, sport, or activity.Cross training—which means mixing different forms of conditioning, strength training, and flexibility—is all about balance. By practicing yoga one day and running the next, for example, it’s easier to stay motivated. Incorporating different equipment and levels of intensity can reduce injury risk, improve overall fitness, and even increase weight loss. Check out the infographic below to learn more about cross training and how you can get started.    ...

Five Workout Plans For Men To Build Muscle

Five Workout Plans For Men To Build Muscle

The new year has come and gone. The time has come to focus on building muscle and meeting your fitness goals. The question remains, however - how will you meet your goals? Do you want to work at a gym or home? Do you want a lifelong program or something that lasts three to four weeks? Whatever your goals, these five workout plans will help you design a program that works for your body. 1. Hot and Heavy Weight LiftingThis four-week program is perhaps the most intense on our list. The first two weeks involve heavy lifting and building exercises, while the second two weeks focus on boosting intensity.During the first two weeks, use machines at the gym that focus on large muscle groups, including your...

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Be Healthy or Have Muscle: What You Want More

Just like assignment writing is more than just about grades, so is strength training that leads to muscle development. Lifting weight and engaging in cardiovascular exercise leads to muscle development. But, most importantly, it is great for the heart, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Whether you choose to jog, walk, or ride a bicycle, any of these exercises will increase your heart rate. It will also help melt the unwanted pounds away while burning calories. Nevertheless, just like you may not find a term paper easy to finish, some of these exercises can be challenging. That’s why you may focus on exercises that help you have more muscle or make you healthy.Generally, everybody wants to have a nice-looking body figure. But, every fitness program that you...

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5 Home Workout That Will Actually Help You Build Muscle

Home workouts are continuously gaining popularity for many reasons. It is convenient because you do not need to leave your house, and it is perfect for the people who do not have the time or the money to enroll in a gym membership. It is also more effective because you won't have to be intimidated by anyone around you because you're alone.If you're planning to work out at home, listed below are exercise routines you can try in order to help you build muscle:Run on your treadmill To build muscle while running, you must try interval training. You should alternate running and walking. The resting intervals fuel your metabolism, which hastens fat-burning. To further build your leg muscles, you should try inclining your treadmill to stimulate...


The Proper Way to Build Muscles

Staying fit is essential especially with the increase in lifestyle disease. However, it is more than just a way to keep such illnesses at bay; it helps your body look fine and gives you a dose of self-esteem. Some focus on squats, others the stomach and other areas of the body but for those who want forearm muscles, there is a proper way to do it.The lower arms serve various obligations. Not only do they flex and broaden the wrists, but they also contract statically alongside the muscles of the hands to help with grasping substantial articles. It's therefore not difficult to see how a feeble match of lower arms could be the restricting component in having world-class level quality. They also round out a...

Ultimate CrossFit Training Guide

If you are planning on joining a CrossFit box, or if you have been going to such a gym for years, but you don’t see the desired results, it is time to get organized and plan for success. In the following lines, we will discuss some rules that you should follow in order to make the most of your workouts, to achieve your fitness goals, and to enjoy an overall pleasant experience at your local box. Find a good nearby gymMany people who practice CrossFit, work out from home and follow online training sessions. However, going to the gym can bring you many more benefits. First of all, you will be supervised by pro athletes that can guide you so that you perform the exercises correctly....

Key Tips to Exercising Better After A Disability When Disabled

Gaining a disability can change someone's life in ways they may not be able to imagine from the get-go. This can greatly affect the way they used to do things, and adjustments need to be made in order to help people with disabilities gain newfound control of their situation in order to have a better, more fruitful life. If you want to pursue fitness with a disability, are there key tips to exercising better after a disability?Turns out, there are ways to exercise better despite your condition. Perhaps, it's important to first establish a mindset that having a disability is not something to be ashamed of. In fact, according to World Health Organization numbers, around 15-percent of the world's total population actually have some form...

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A Woman’s Guide to Working Out at Home

At the beginning of every year, women and men alike sign up for gym memberships in droves. Unfortunately, a couple of months later, promises of being a fitter, better you have fallen by the wayside. This is not surprising considering all of the obstacles preventing you from actually going to the gym.First, you have to find a way to keep up with your gym membership. Depending on where you live and the kind of money you are making, this can be an expense that you simply can’t afford. Even if you do have enough in your bank account to make these payments, there is the small matter of actually getting yourself to the gym on a regular basis. Most people don’t really want to start...

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10 Workout Tips for Busy Moms

Between dealing with insane extracurricular schedules, messes around the house, cranky children, and the million other to-do’s that come with being a mother, finding the time to exercise can seem like an impossible challenge. You can hardly get ready for the day without being interrupted, so how are you supposed to set aside a chunk of time for working out?If you’ve had trouble carving out an exercise routine and sticking to it, here are ten life-changing tips that will help you get in shape without shirking your responsibilities as a busy mom. First and Foremost: Get in the Right Mindset Constantly telling yourself that you’re too stressed, busy, or out-of-shape to start working out is a terrible way to get motivated. Ditch those negative thoughts...