5 Ways to Spice up Your Strength Training Routine

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5 Ways to Spice up Your Strength Training Routine

It is not easy to make your exercise routines exciting for a long time. You might feel like a week is amazing, the second week is okay, and the third does not give you the satisfaction that was the driving force of you making your way to the gym in the first place. There are plenty of ways you can change your regime without compromising on the intensity of it and ensuring that it does not bore you out. Check out these amazing ways you can stay motivated and bust boredom during your workout.


Change Your Routine

So many of us feel we are stuck in the general exercise routine that we did years ago. It’s the same sets, the same reps, and the most disheartening – the same slow gains. What we don’t know, or surprisingly never think about is that we can always totally change up our workout routine. There are plenty of ways you can do this. You may even want to experiment with different exercises to see which one better suits your ultimate fitness goals. A neat idea would be to do your research online; there are tons of online databases that can help you with this.

You can look for specific programs which will go well with the schedule you prefer, or the ones that you think will add the much-needed spark that your current regime lacks. It is totally fine if you switch to a whole different set of exercises that you have never even tried before. If you are a little lost about making this change, it is recommended that you hire a personal trainer who can help you on your journey. But even then do not forget to keep making small changes as time progresses.

Make Your Second Set the Heaviest

A lot of people treat their third and last set as the heaviest set. We all know that in order to gain muscle the heaviest set is the most crucial of them all. Therefore a smart thing to do would be to push it up to the second set instead of the last set like your body is used to.

Some fitness gurus even believe that to shock your muscles is the best way and therefore right after warming up you should get into the heaviest exercises. To do this, you need at least five minutes of a general warm-up like using a stationary bike and then continue by warming your joints before you start lifting.

The first set must be around fifty percent weight of your maximum weight lifting ability, you must push this to around seventy percent of failure, after which the second set must be around ninety to a hundred percent. If you continue this for the entire duration of your workout routine you will definitely see results in the form of muscle growth.

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Nutrition Counts

There are so many examples of people working out to their full potential, never missing a day and displaying good stamina too. But these people have a problem with achieving their fitness goals. It just does not seem to be happening. This is mostly because they are not getting the right nutrients.

The problem with nutritional theory in the modern day is that it is constantly changing. What people believed a couple of years ago is different today. People began to think weight loss was the only fitness goal while it is ‘fat loss’ that many aspire towards and which requires a totally different diet.

What is more important is though that you look into an authentic source of information. When it comes to diet, it seems like everybody thinks they know what they are doing when they do not. Your best bet is to consult someone who has studied nutrition; someone who has majored in Human Kinetics or Human Nutrition. You can also get the help of a registered dietician. If you fear that this might initially be too much on your wallet, think of all the money you will be saving by not investing in food that is taxing on your health. This investment definitely pays off in the long term.

Make Your Own Rules

There is a way where you can do all the exercises you plan for the day’s routine and still be able to change things completely. The best way to do it is to mix up your sets. For example, if you are habitual to do three sets of each exercise. Do the first and then do the first of the next exercise and the next and the next. After this do the second sets of each and then so on and so forth.

The best thing about mixing things up like this it helps you hit all your muscles equally and help you gain that muscle growth you want. Think about it when you do all three sets together you tend to hit some exercise more than others and usually end up messing everything. For example. If you do a specific part of your body, say your shoulders and hit the anterior deltoids first, you tire out the posterior deltoids and by the time you get to them, they do not have the same effect.

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Try New Supplements

A great idea is to add a new supplement to the ones that you already take. But first, it is important that you do your research. You want supplements with genuine research backing them up like Glutamine, and Creatine. Knowing that you have another great thing that is going to assist your body reach your goals faster is a mood booster in itself to make you feel all the more motivated to get into the gym and workout to make the supplement work in full effect. Remember whichever one that you pick choose it from a reliable source and ensure that it is a good choice.




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