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Fitness – Exercises

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6 Exercise Dos and Don’ts to Ensure Your Health

Just as your body needs food to stay alive, you also need to exercise the same way to make use of the food. Exercises are an inevitable necessity for a healthy body. Along with keeping you healthy and in shape, exercise is also the way of losing tension and mental stress. The physical aspect of doing something for your body leaves you relaxed and feeling good.Exercises are meant to use your stored body fat and also increase metabolism to help you to digest better. Antagonistically, targeted exercises can help you to gain the necessary weight and maintain the overall functioning of your body.Be it be weight loss, weight gain, cardio or leg day, exercises bring so much more to your daily routine. Everything good for...


Exercise and Chronic Illness: How to Pull it Off

Since everyone knows that moderate exercise can keep you healthier and even extend your lifespan, most people at least make the attempt to keep moving. Unfortunately, having a medical condition, illness, or serious health scare can permanently put you off taking care of your cardiovascular health. Bar very few illnesses, there are ways to keep exercising. First and most importantly, anyone with a chronic illness needs to go easy on themselves while exercising. Pushing yourself is fine to a certain extent, but you don’t want to hurt yourself and potentially exacerbate your condition. Next, you have to really know your body in order to exercise on a schedule and at an intensity that will keep your body healthier. Listen to What Your Body Tells You For a...


Getting into Shape Safely: 4 Fitness Tips for Seniors

There are huge advantages to exercising when you are a senior. It can help keep your bones and muscles strong, preserve your mobility for longer, prevent obesity, keep your heart healthy, and also do wonders for your mood and mental health.Of course, you do have to be sure that any exercise you are doing is appropriate for your level of fitness and any health issues you have, and also that you take precautions to avoid injury or overexertion. Here are some tips for safe fitness for older people:Talk to Professionals It is always recommended to talk to a doctor before beginning any new fitness regime, and this is certainly still the case for older people. However, you may also find it beneficial to talk to an...


The Best Exercises to Add to Your At Home Workout

You really want to be a regular at the gym and even have a 6-month membership in place. However, time is often against your will! You’re either late from work, social meetings, or other unexplainable stuff.Don’t stress out. The fancy gym equipment at the gym is not the only thing that can help you workout effectively. With simple at home workout exercises, you can compensate the hours you miss at the gym.Try out these workouts: Runs/Walks/Jogs You don’t need a treadmill to burn calories. Your legs and a comfortable pair of running shoes are enough. Jogging and running are one of the best forms of cardio exercises.A natural run is more challenging and ends up burning extra calories when you’re a disciplined runner. Most athletes don’t do spot...


Reshaping Your Body through Exercise and Diet

Are you tired of looking the way you do? Sick of the lack of stamina? You are not alone. A lot of people have just been biding their time and letting their bodies gain weight or remain too skinny because they do not take care of themselves properly. While it might be inconsequential early on, the more time passes, the more you start to feel the discomfort.If you want to make the best of the body your genetics provided you, taking on a healthy regime for exercise and a good dietary change can completely transform you. We are not saying that you can change a skinny and lanky body structure and turn it into something that reminds everybody of Arnold Schwarzenegger back in his glory...


Why Swimming Is the Best Exercise?

Swimming is the best form of exercise. It is a full body workout; science says swimming three times a week can make you more active. Only a few other exercises claim to be as beneficial as swimming. Most exercises are specific to each target area, but swimming is beneficial for the whole body.Swimming also has a lot of other health benefits; it is even good for the elderly who cannot do any other form of exercise. Research claims that swimming keeps your heart and lungs healthy. What more would you want from an exercise? If you wish to stay fit and healthy without going to the gym you should consider swimming. Workout and Weight Loss Swimming is the perfect workout and weight loss plan. Because it is...


4 Best Home Workouts For Weight Loss

If you want to stay in shape or avoid gaining weight, you should exercise on a regular basis. However, you might be too busy to go to the gym or enroll in a yoga session, so you prefer to exercise at home. Whether you're a mom, a young professional, or a retired office worker, it's essential to maintain health and fitness all the time. Exercising at home is a convenient and affordable way to achieve your fitness goals, most especially losing extra pounds.If you're a type of person who prefers to workout privately so you'll feel more motivated, there are many workout programs you can choose from. You can also read online resources, such as Fitness Achievement, to know the latest workout trends and programs...


3 Stellar Ways to Stay Active While Watching Your Favorite Television Shows

A decade ago TV enthusiasts were stuck with basic cable or paying a premium for television from a dish such as Dish Network or DirecTv. Viewers would set reminders in their phones or make sure to be in front of the television every Wednesday at 7 pm to watch their favorite show. Those were the days. Right?Nope. Today’s world has shifted so much from the traditional way of watching TV.  We now have streaming options such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Movies/TV, Hulu, Vudu, Sony Crackle, Tubi, Crunchvroll, and probably a hundred more.Point of all this is each and every year the United States ranks highly in the worlds list of obese countries. Not only is it because the lifestyle we live, but because generations have...


5 Simple Tips To Help You Prevent Injuries During Workout

Have you just started a fitness program? Or perhaps you are in it for years already? Either way, you should know that avoid injuries is quite important. That is because it can help you maintain and reach your fitness goals. As you can see, people tend to become more vulnerable to injuries when they get older. It is not rocket science really. It is just that the human body is less agile during this state.Keep in mind, too, that Recovery from injury also tends to slow with age. In other words, it can take a serious amount of time for you to recover even from a minor injury. So, as much as possible, you need to find a way to prevent injuries from happening. Here...

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Kettlebell Workouts for Beginners

It wasn’t long ago that kettlebells were practically unknown, and nobody knew anything about how to train with them. These days you can find kettlebells at almost any gym in the world, and they have become an incredibly popular tool for fitness. One could argue people still don’t know how to train with kettlebells though, which is why this series of articles exists: to eliminate the mystery around how to safely and effectively start training with kettlebells.The kettlebell may seem intimidating at first glance, especially for the beginner or novice. After all, a kettlebell is basically a cannonball welded onto a thick handle that you swing around your body in a ballistic manner; it’s natural to have a bit of fear!Learning how to use a...