5 Home Workouts That Will Actually Help You Build Muscle

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5 Home Workouts That Will Actually Help You Build Muscle

Home workouts are continuously gaining popularity for many reasons. It is convenient because you do not need to leave your house, and it is perfect for the people who do not have the time or the money to enroll in a gym membership. It is also more effective because you won’t have to be intimidated by anyone around you because you’re alone.

If you’re planning to workout at home, listed below are exercise routines you can try in order to help you build muscle:


Run on your treadmill

To build muscle while running, you must try interval training. You should alternate running and walking. The resting intervals fuel your metabolism, which hastens fat-burning. To further build your leg muscles, you should try inclining your treadmill to stimulate a mountain-climbing activity. This increases muscle activation in your lower body which leads to muscle building. It is recommended to perform interval training for about 30 minutes per day.

Use a stationary bike

Cycling helps build lean muscles on the legs, though not everyone has the chance to go cycling in their neighborhood, or anywhere else for that matter. That’s where the stationary bike comes in. The intensity of stationary cycling helps greatly in fat reduction. You build your quads and calf muscles. Furthermore, you also use your abdominal, chest, and back muscles. This helps in the overall process of muscle building. It is recommended to cycle at least 10 miles per day or something equivalent. For reviews of the best stationary bikes, you can check out RecumbentBlog.com.



Planking is one of the most convenient yet challenging home workouts. It does not require any equipment other than an exercise mat. In planking, you use your biceps, shoulders, and neck muscles simultaneously. By holding your weight up through your arms, your arm muscles get toned and developed.


Lifting weights is a well-known workout for building the biceps. The weights vary on how much muscle you want to build. Lighter weights are for toning the muscles. For maximum muscle gain, choose a weight at which you fail after 8 to 12 repetitions. For emphasizing muscle endurance, choose a weight that you can do for more than 15 repetitions. Repeat the same routine for each arm to ensure equal muscle gain.



Crunches are a popular way of building your core and abdominal muscles. This also builds your lower back muscles and obliques. Crunches are popular among individuals who are trying to get a six-pack. This routine is not excellent for getting a flatter stomach by eliminating body fat. It is more appropriate for those who already have a flat belly and are just trying to create toned abdominal muscles.

By following the aforementioned routines, you shall be able to build the muscles in your arms, legs, and torso. This routine should be coupled with the appropriate diet. Always eat properly to have a sustained energy level throughout your workout routine. However, some individuals cannot build muscle no matter how hard they work out. There are protein supplements that can aid in this. For a safer workout routine, make sure to consult with a professional physical trainer first. They can assess what your body can handle, which will prevent you from getting injured in the long run.

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