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What Are The Benefits Of Probiotics For Women?

The probiotic bacteria play an important role in promoting good health. Since this news reached the mainstream, many people are looking for more information about how it works. One thing probiotics are known for is promoting healthy digestion, but more research has shown that these microbes are specifically useful in enhancing the health of women. Recent research has shown that the bacteria could help to ease digestive upset, improve the absorption of nutrients, and support the development of a healthy immune system. Here are some of the reasons women should embrace probiotics. Promote normal bowel movements Women are susceptible to suffering from irritable bowel syndrome compared to men. This is a common condition that comes with symptoms like a bloated stomach, occasional constipation, cramps, and frequent diarrhea. Studies...


13 Health Benefits of Probiotics

As strange as it may sound, probiotics are actually living microorganisms that humans can ingest, through food or drink, and which will then help the body to be healthier. So, what exactly are the health benefits of probiotics? Gut Probiotics work by promoting a healthy balance of the bacteria within the gut, which, if out of balance, can cause all sorts of painful or nasty illnesses. The gut bacteria can become out of balance for a number of reasons including illness, poor diet, and medications such as antibiotics. This can lead to digestive issues, allergies, obesity, and even mental health problems. IBS is another illness that can occur if the bacteria in your gut is out of balance, but you can buy probiotic supplements through this...


Science is Discovering that While Probiotics Coach the Team it is the Postbiotic Metabolites that Win the Game!

By Ross Pelton, RPh, PhD, CCN Postbiotics is a term that refers to the vast array of compounds that are produced by the metabolic activity of your probiotic bacteria. These probiotic-produced postbiotic compounds play extremely important roles in the regulation of health and in the maintenance of a healthy microbiome. In The Mind-Gut Connection, Dr. Emirian Mayer states that the bacteria in your microbiome transform the food you eat into “hundreds of thousands of metabolites.”  Diversity & Postbiotics Different bacteria produce different kinds of metabolites. This is why diversity, meaning many different kinds of probiotic bacteria equates to a healthier microbiome, and better health for the individual.  Dr. Ohhira’s is a multi-strain probiotic, utilizing twelve strains of probiotic bacteria to support the production of a broad range of...