My Tried and Tested Way to Losing Weight after Pregnancy

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My Tried and Tested Way to Losing Weight after Pregnancy

My Tried and Tested Way to Losing Weight after Pregnancy

You had just given birth and got all that extra bulges to lose? You might be thinking that losing those extra inches is as painful as labor, but it’s easier than you think. A woman usually gains 25-35 pounds during pregnancy. After delivery, there will remain about 10-25 lbs. of that weight. Is there a way to lose that?

Cheer up! Unless you are already obese before you get pregnant, chances are you can still lose that “baby fat.” For women who have just given birth, the “diet and exercise” advice just won’t suffice. You need to practice a total lifestyle overhaul. You can’t just deprive yourself of food and exercise till you drop. You are sustaining a baby, so you’ve got to treat your body right. For starters, you can try these:

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Nothing beats breastfeeding if you are looking for the most effective weight loss solution post-partum. Breastfeeding is the easiest and the fastest route. F you are one of those new moms that are still struggling with breastfeeding; you are not alone. Check if you need some assistance from a lactation consultant. You’ll need to breastfeed effectively to enable your body to burn all that calories.

Move around

All that late nights spent breastfeeding your baby weigh you down? You’ve got to move around during the daytime. You might think you are giving yourself a favor by lying in bed all day, but it is the opposite. You’ve got to move those muscles, or they will wither. Likewise, exercise can significantly improve your mood and help with your recovery.


Are you confining yourself to the four corners of your house during your first months after delivery? Perhaps you are afraid to leave your baby at home, or he got no nanny to look after him.

Why not bring your child with you during your walks? The right type of jogging or all-terrain stroller can enable you to tag along with your little tot. Some of these buggies are even sturdy enough for long distance run or off-road travels. Start by walking around your neighborhood.


Swimming is also an excellent way to exercise and relax at the same time. Not only does it help you to move but it can also aid you to get back in shape faster. Just 30 minutes of activity every day can get your heart pumping, thereby improving your stamina and metabolism.


Try yoga and some simple stretching exercises at home. If you can’t find a personal instructor, try downloading some instructional videos online. Stay away from those types of activities that make you run out of breath. Yoga is effective for new mothers because it is light and it builds muscle without tiring you out.

Be positive

Remove from your social circle all those toxic people. It’s alright to have a friend that points out how ugly or fat you look, but he/she must help and not just pinpoint your flaws. Postpartum mothers that are always hearing positive words of acceptance and encouragement have a greater chance of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Eat right

What’s good about breastfeeding is that you can eat just about any of your cravings without feeling guilty. As long as you are breastfeeding exclusively, you can increase your food intake. Eat healthy as whatever you eat can also transfer to your breastmilk. Opt for complex carbs and lean meat. It is also better to cook at home so you can choose healthy and fresh ingredients at every meal.

Your success regarding losing weight relies on your resolve. Start by committing to a healthy lifestyle. Try to breastfeed exclusively as it can be a great help. Find an enjoyable exercise, something that you can do daily without feeling obliged. Accept yourself for all your extra bulges and flaws while keeping your eyes on your weight loss goal.

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