Best Exercises to Maximize Weight Loss

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Best Exercises to Maximize Weight Loss

Philosophy of losing weight is very simple: you should move more and eat less. When you include workout into your everyday schedule, you are making it so much easier for your body to lose weight. In order to get the most out of your workout, you have to combine it with a balanced diet, regular hydration, and quality sleep.

The most effective exercises for losing weight are the most demanding ones: long cardio exercises, like running a marathon, and short intense workouts, like interval training. We bring you some exercises you should try out if you want to lose weight.



Running is beneficial for the human body on so many levels. It improves your health, relieves stress, boosts your confidence, and of course, helps losing weight. And the most important thing is: it is cheap. All you need is a pair of quality running shoes and a local pathway.

But not every run will help you lose weight. You should be consistent and run at least 3-4 days a week. Be patient and increase both the intensity and the length of your runs because more demanding running sessions burn more calories. But be careful. You may feel extremely hungry after a long and intense run. Make sure to regain energy with a low-carb and high-protein meal, shake or snack after a workout, and don’t exceed 150 calories because you don’t want to annul the effort you put in your exercise.

Weight Training


There are many reasons for introducing weight training to your workout regime. It will improve your health, help you gain muscle mass, improve your diet, help you relieve stress, etc. Combine weight training with cardio-workout and a balanced diet in order to effectively gain muscle mass and lose body fat. It is proven that, if you engage in any kind of diet and aerobic exercise, but you don’t include weight training, you will lose fat, but you will also lose your muscle tissue.

You should get some good quality equipment to be fully prepared for weight training. Make sure to take a great pair of shoes with you in order to get the full benefit of your workout session. Flat soles will provide you with greater stability and padded ankle support will keep your joints safe. Don’t forget to get a fitted top and a pair of comfortable Capri workout pants to ensure that you’re wearing clothes that allow you to be as flexible as possible. Another must-have is wrist straps since they will tighten your grip and make holding onto dumbbells or barbells much easier.

Interval Training


Interval training is very efficient when it comes to losing fat. It refers to the alternation of intensive workout and resting periods. These intervals are rotating during your workout session, causing an increased calorie expenditure and speeding up weight loss. Your body produces more adrenaline which leads to burning fat and reducing your appetite.

Interval training is more efficient than a regular exercise because you lose more calories during a shorter period of time. It is especially beneficial if your daily schedule is very busy, so you can tuck in your workout routine. The body adapts easily if you don’t push it out of its comfort zone. This type of training exposes your heart and cardiovascular system to various levels of intensity, making them more resilient to the future exertions.



Tabata is a type of interval training with a strictly defined framework. It is a highly-effective 4-minute workout routine, perfect for busy people. It consists of 20 seconds of intense workout and 10 seconds of rest. This interval repeats eight times during your exercise. You can combine various types of exercise, like squats, push-ups, lunges, frog jumps, skater jumps, etc.

The only thing you need for this type of exercise is your body. But it is also important to feel comfortable during your workout routine, so make sure to wear some comfy workout clothes. You can practice tabata from the comfort of your home, without having to spend a penny on a gym instructor.

Losing weight can be fun, so if you are still looking for a perfect workout routine, try out some of these first. There is nothing compared to the feeling of exhaustion and peace after a quality workout, so you can start with that in your mind.

But remember, whatever you choose, it is important to treat your body well. You will only benefit from your workout if you sleep enough, eat well and hydrate regularly. Also, make sure to warm up before and stretch after every workout session. If you follow these rules, you will see a completely different person in the mirror in a few months.

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