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WORDS MATTER ~ These Words Matter To Your Spirit ♥

The Complete Guide to Natural Healing / Spiritual Coach  / WORDS MATTER ~ These Words Matter To Your Spirit ♥

WORDS MATTER ~ These Words Matter To Your Spirit ♥


Maybe you are where you are today for a reason other than you thought.

Maybe the first thing to do is cleanse the past and heal your heart.

Many of us show up at a place in our lives with particular agenda.

We think we are there to get the job done, build a relationship, do a task.

Then, life takes a turn, one we didn’t expect or plan on…

We discover we are at a certain place for a reason than …what we thought.

Healing our heart is a mission that we will benefit in so many ways.

We will accomplish what we really intended to do in our lives.

Care about life, open the heart, dare to dream, risk love again, first heal the heart your new journey just began.

May these words matter to you, they matter to me!

Arlene Kaplanis

Spiritual advisor Arlene Tina will help guide you in your spiritual journey. She offers advice and answers questions you may have while you travel through life’s ups and downs. She can help you find your purpose in life and connect with your inner self.

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