6 Ways to Improve Blood Circulation Without Medication

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6 Ways to Improve Blood Circulation Without Medication

In this article, you’ll learn and discover ways to improve blood circulation without medication.

Poor circulation is a problem we often ignore. Most frequently, it manifests through fatigue, tingling hands, and edema. However, it can be the cause of more serious health problems, such as blood clots, artery disease, heart attack, and stroke. When it is not diagnosed and treated, it can even lead to amputation.

One of the drugs used to improve blood circulation is Pentoxifylline, which can cause various side effects, including nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, headache, dizziness, fast heartbeat, and chest pain. Is it worth it? Well, yes, if your doctor says that there is no better solution for you, but in most cases, there are natural ways of improving the blood flow which can be equally effective as prescription drugs and harmless unlike them.

Dress up

You can significantly improve your blood flow by simply changing the way you dress. For example, since the feet can be quite problematic (the tingling and the cold), compression socks can be quite helpful. Loose and comfy outfits will support healthy circulation too. During the colder days, you should make an effort to stay warm by choosing layered outfits and materials which make good insulators (e.g., wool). Avoid wearing clothing that is extra tight for prolonged periods of time.

Stimulate the blood flow

A 2014 study showed that a proper massage can improve exterior vascular function after effort, such as exercising. To make the most out of the massage your movements should go toward the heart to promote lymph flow. You can also use coconut and other types of oils. Do this, a couple of times a week.

Get your blood pumping

Exercising helps your blood flow be stronger and more expansive, making the blood repeatedly travel the entire loop, from the heart throughout every cell, and back to the heart again. It also boosts blood-vessel health and improves lymphatic function. There are no specific types of exercises that are proven to improve circulation, but you can stick to cardio and a sauna vest can really help because the heat promotes better circulation. There is also a sauna blanket from MiHigh that you can use in the comforts of your home.

water softner

Water is the answer

A large part of the blood volume is consistent with water, so you will need to remain hydrated throughout the day, by drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water. There are other ways you can use the power of water to improve your blood flow. Hydrotherapy, for example, eases the flow of blood throughout the body by dilating the blood vessels. This means taking a shower by altering hot and cold water.

Eat your way to better circulation

There are many foods rich in nutrients that can optimize the blood flow. Capsaicin in cayenne pepper can expand the blood vessels, while garlic relaxes the vessels and increases the blood flow. Other useful additions to your diet are pomegranate, onion, cinnamon, fatty fish, leafy greens, beets, turmeric, walnuts, citrus fruits, tomatoes, ginger, and berries.

Change your lifestyle

While most of the previous tips were about the things you should do to improve your blood flow, now we have to mention the things you have to stop doing if you want to make any progress. If you are an avid coffee drinker – try to drink moderate amounts. Quit smoking, as it prevents your blood to circulate properly, and keep the alcohol intake at a minimum.


Unlike prescribed medications, these techniques do not carry a risk of side effects. All it takes is a little lifestyle change, and perhaps you will never have to find out does Pentoxifylline really causes headaches.

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