You Deserve It: 5 Surprising Health Benefits of Treating Yourself

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You Deserve It: 5 Surprising Health Benefits of Treating Yourself

In a recent survey, 3 out of 4 Americans reported experiencing at least one symptom of stress within the last month. If that’s not bad enough, another survey reported that 47% of people take their stress out on themselves.

That’s no way to live your life. Giving yourself periodic indulgences not only relieves stress, but it also improves other facets of your well-being. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to learn some surprising benefits to treating yourself.

1. Live Your Life Healthier

If you’ve been feeling down lately and you’re not sure how to feel better, treating yourself can actually help! Giving yourself a small treat has been shown to improve your mood and reduce stress. Stress is linked to various illnesses like a strained immune system and an increased risk of heart disease.

Self-care doesn’t have to be materialistic. You can treat yourself by taking a break every 90 minutes at work. This break will help you refocus and boost your productivity over the long run!

2. Improve Your Mental Health

Not only will you become physically healthier, but giving yourself small indulgences will help you in finding happiness. When you give yourself a small gift, you receive a little release of dopamine, boosting your mood. Additionally, when you live your life with self-compassion, you learn that you’re allowed to be happy. This skill improves your reactions to failure and improves your ability to pursue success.

3. Relieve Symptoms of Depression

Self-care is important in countering self-sabotaging or self-destructing tendencies. These treats validate your self-worth and prove that you deserve things that make you happy. The key here is that you need nurturing treats. If you need self-care ideas, you can plan a home spa day, take a walk, or even buy that Saint Laurent bag that you’ve had your eyes on. Periodically treating yourself helps you avoid burnout, so you can feel better for longer periods of time.

4. Rewarding Good Behavior Reinforces It

One of the best ways to create a good habit is to treat good behavior. For example, if you want to be more active but lack the motivation, you can start habit bundling. Pair an activity you love to do, like listening to your favorite podcast, with something you don’t want to do, like running.

Learning how to have fun while trying to create a good habit will help you achieve your goals. You can also treat yourself when you accomplish something. If you meet your goal of running five miles without walking, by all means, give yourself a treat! Of course, treats for no reason are also healthy, so don’t feel like you have to earn every treat you give yourself.

5. If You Don’t Treat Yourself, You’ll Rebel

Maybe the most compelling reason to live your life with small treats is that if you don’t, you’ll act out. Cutting out things that you crave makes you want them more. Deprivation also causes feelings of resentment and frustration.

You may do something you later regret, like buying an expensive TV or eating an entire pizza. Moderation is the key here. If you periodically treat yourself, you won’t have any urges to do anything drastic.

Treat Yo’Self!

Next time you’re feeling down or overworked, remember to practice some self-compassion and do something for you. Not only will you be better off in the long run, but you will also feel great at the moment. Go out there, and live your life the best you can!


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