Live Better for Longer with These Holistic Tips

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Live Better for Longer with These Holistic Tips

Living better naturally is the best way to go because it focuses on a preemptive set of habits rather than relying on treatment options. By living a healthy life, your body can work at its best for longer. By not improving how you live, your body has to strain itself every day to keep moving. Your quality of life as a senior will depend entirely on how you live now. That is why you need to adopt these habits today.

In this article, you’ll learn and discover how to live better for longer with these holistic tips.

Buy Only Nutritious Food

healthy food

The reason why diets often do not work is that you are forcing your body into a starvation mode. When your body is in this starvation state, it will burn fewer calories in an effort to stay alive and preserve more fat than usual. This means that as soon as you’ve hit your goal weight and start eating a more regularly, your body will convert as much of what you eat into fat it can use later on. The result: your body reverts to its previous weight.

In this sense, dieting does not work. What does work, on the other hand, is replacing what you eat with healthier items. All processed foods have little to no nutritional value, meaning that you are consuming what essentially amounts to empty calories. Instead, introduce high-nutrient foods into your diet instead. In many cases, these nutrients will present themselves in fruits and vegetables. You don’t have to rely solely on fresh food, either. Frozen food can actually contain more nutrients as they were frozen at the source, rather than spending days in transport.

Exercise and Be Active


You don’t need to go to visit the gym every day in order to get the necessary amount of exercise into your daily schedule. In fact, experts recommend a minimum of thirty minutes of exercise a day, and those thirty minutes don’t need to be done in one block, either. This means you can have a short morning workout before a shower in the morning, and then enjoy a nice walk home after work. Do this, and you can expect to live a longer, better life.

Take Pain Seriously

foot pain

One way you can improve your health’s outlook is to take pain seriously. A small twinge of pain in your ankle now can completely incapacitate you in a few years. When this happens, visiting a podiatrist at The Align Foot and Ankle Center should be your first move. By dealing with small pains now you can catch problems before they become too big to fix.

Drink More Water

Do you drink plenty of water

With the vast majority of our bodies made up of water, it’s no wonder that drinking it can be so imperative to our health. By drinking water over other liquids you can also flush toxins and other impurities from your body. Drink enough, and you will find your skin clears, you feel more alert, and you have a reduction in headaches. It is estimated that on average, you need to drink at least 8-oz glasses a day, however, the amount you should be drinking will depend on your individual metabolism and physical health.

Maggie Hammond

Maggie Hammond is a retired nurse and freelance writer, exploring and writing in the U.S. in retirement. An advocate for public health and nursing qualifications, she feels passionate about raising awareness of the current strain on public health organizations.



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